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Petrified Things.

We found this sad little bird outside, clutched to a plant in our front yard. Hummingbirds are beautiful and I love them, but they sure are strange. I mean, what other creature’s heart beats as fast as a hummingbird’s? Or flies upwards like a helicopter? And how does a hummingbird just die, clutching a plant for dear life? From what, do you suppose? A heart attack? So many questions!


That odd discovery was followed by this strange story. For dinner last week we had grilled hamburgers. There was one leftover and so it was put into a plastic bag. I decided to move things around in the fridge and it fell back behind the shelf. I heard it “plunk” and figured it had hit the shelf below. Upon investigating that shelf, it was nowhere to be seen. I looked up, I looked down, I stuck my hand behind and up. Nowhere.

I thought for a few seconds that I might actually have imagined the whole thing. Maybe there really hadn’t been leftovers. and then this rolled out of the shelf.

I investigated further and discovered that the light of the fridge had a cover over it. A cover that curved so it misrepresented by its shape that something would hit it and roll down. But, no. Things hit it and land on it and live on it and die on it. Apparently. Unless encouraged to move along.

So the hamburger had hit the top of the shelf, dislodging the petrified tomato. How long had that tomato been there? Two years? Could that have possibly been the mystery smell we had a couple years ago?


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I was driving home the other day from work and a car changed lanes and got behind me. I saw this in my rearview mirror and have to say, seeing a bumper like that? Well, it caused a bit of concern. Yes, I discriminate about the bumpers that follow me.

This here? This is my most favorite place to be on the freeway. To the left of a semi. Why? Because he won’t be coming over and neither will anyone else from that side.

I’ve heard of a blue moon, a full moon, various slicings of a moon, but can’t recall previously ever seeing a lavender moon. Now I can.

Look! New palm trees! (You can tell by their hair, it’s still up in a ponytail!)

I had no idea school bus drivers posted a sign about doing this. Is this a new thing or have I just been out of the loop for a long time?

And, finally, I saw this sign in a store and although I didn’t buy it, it made me very happy. 🙂

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Blogabilities 04/20/2012

This time of year brings me so much joy! In the parking lot at my work we have concrete plant boxes which each have a tree surrounded by star jasmine. Every year when those jasmine plants start blooming I get so excited… Look at this, they’re almost ready to burst open!

Over in our community pool area are these trees that bloom fragrant pink flowers. I love taking pictures of them and smelling them (before the landscapers come through and trim them away).

Signs in bathrooms in general just crack me up. This one was in the ladies’ room at the Red Cross office near our home where Tony donated blood last Saturday. It was so… personable… and friendly:

I love hand-me-down clothing for William and one of our neighbors has two little boys. Every couple of weeks I come home and find a bag of stuff from her, it makes me so happy!

I’ve always found it interesting to see what people keep in their fridges. If you were to open our fridge these days, you would find that instead of Milky Ways, we have milky days:

Being back to work is hard sometimes, but every Friday we have these and those make it just a little easier to go in. Not much easier, but a little bit. Everyone crowds in the kitchen, grabbing coffee, standing in line to get their breakfast and I always feel like we’re warriors who have managed to survive the week:

Since I had 8″ cut off a couple weeks ago, my hair no longer gets clamped into the seat belt. Have to say, that’s kind of nice:

This makes me laugh… here is all the baggage I now take to work with me… my lunch bag, William’s lunch bag, my netbook, and my purse:

For the last several months, even before I went on maternity leave, one of the soap dispensers in the ladies bathroom at work stopped working. It was maddening because then I had to reach across the other sink and get soap out of that one. I mentioned it to a co-worker the other day and she told me that all I have to do is push the top of the broken soap dispenser while pushing the button below, and magically, it works. Ummm, not ideal, certainly a little weird, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have a work around.

I’m thinking that I may have an obsession with hair clips, and yet I still can’t find them in the middle of the night:

William loves when I sing to him, it doesn’t particularly matter to him what I’m singing. The moment I start, he relaxes and will usually smile and sometimes even laugh. I snapped this particular picture while I was singing Amazing Grace to him. Not a particularly funny song by any means, but he can laugh/smile if he wants because every day that William lives in this world I find myself smiling and thanking God for his amazing grace.


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Tuesday Tidbits.

* At work, there is a crevice between the elevator carriage and the floors when the door opens. I don’t know why, but for some reason I always want to throw a gum wrapper or some small piece of trash down it. I won’t ever do it, but I always think about doing that when I step in or out of the elevator.

* My community is heating its pools 2 weeks early this year. Which is really great because we had some really warm weather this past weekend and so I had a couple hours of amazing swims. Pure bliss for me.

* Traffic has been lighter than usual this week. I assume because of spring break everyone went away. Instead of a 30 minute commute each way, it’s 20-25 minutes each way. Every minute matters!

* Another free oil change this past weekend thanks to the strange “loyalty” card the dealership gave me. I say strange because I’d only ever had my oil changed there once before, and they sent me a card for five free oil changes because I was loyal? Two used, three to go!

* We went to Sea World on April 1st. It was two years ago on April 1st that I miscarried our first baby. It was one year ago on April 1st that we found out I was pregnant with William and I was peeing on anything that stood still long enough because I couldn’t believe it. Now we have a beautiful baby boy who pees on us.

* Sometimes it’s important to pause to enjoy a beautiful sunset. So sometimes I do. Especially when a light turns yellow and I have no other choice.


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Blogabilities – Week of 08/28/2011

* Time in the mountains is the best thing ever… still so happy about our anniversary trip up there two weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the little routines we do up there. From our special breakfast, to wandering through town, to driving past the donkey’s house, to buying peanuts for the squirrels and birds at the General Store. Our most recent visit, though, in honor of our anniversary, we added a little jaunt over to the start of our Mile Long Wedding Aisle. Remember, we were married on top of Castle Rock…

* Coupons for free car maintenance. I received a letter in the mail from a dealership that I’d gone to exactly one time. I had a great experience there that one time, except that I asked them to match the “family” price I’d been getting at another dealership and they came in $5 over. So I never went back. For some reason, though, they mailed me a coupon for free oil and filter changes through December of 2012. That’s, like, 5 free oil changes. I used one of them last week, so I guess they’ve now made up that $5 charge I was miffed over. Plus, they have free WIFI in their waiting area.

* I love discovering which plant of mine is blooming… and this week it was my Canna lily plant. The blooms last but a short time, but WOWZA are they colorful and so dramatic!

* A leaf the same color as my car. Does this mean the seasons are getting ready to change?

* My car’s odometer changed to 100,000 miles this morning — and I MISSED SEEING IT HAPPEN! Gah!

* Got this as change from the local gas station. When was the last time YOU saw a $2 bill in circulation?

* Discovering an unread book in my garage. I’m not sure why I didn’t read this book when I bought it, but it’s been owned by me since at least February of 2005 (according to the random receipt I stuffed in the first page as a bookmark for when I did get around to reading it). I’m finding it to be peaceful, funny and an easy read — enjoying it immensely. Link This is the only book of this author’s that I’ve read and now I’m thinking I may have to find and read all them! Y’all know I’m an obsessive author reader, right?

* Tuesday morning during my lap swim session, I had just started my kickboarding set of laps and the sun had just barely started to lighten the sky. For those laps, I remove my swim goggles and usually close my eyes and relax into the movement. I did so Tuesday morning and opened them as I reached the opposite end of the pool to see a bobcat had slipped through the fence, presumably to drink at his “waterhole” and he was just as startled to see me as I was him. His eyes were wide, his ears attentive and the fur on his back was floofed up. My hand had just reached out to grasp the edge of the pool, but I stopped moving when I saw him, and waited to see what he would do… 5 feet from me. Our eyes looked into each others, steadily, evaluating intentions. He backed up, opened his mouth like he was hissing (I wear earplugs), turned and went back through the fence. I thought maybe I was crazy and had imagined it. Although, we do live near a natural preserve and there is a strip of “natural” land that comes down from that preserve which borders our community, but still. So, I searched pictures of bobcats, that cat was definitely a bobcat. Also, apparently there are sightings of bobcats in our area a few times a year, so I guess maybe I’m not crazy. But, wow. Talk about a wake up to my morning!

* Blessed to have a three day weekend coming up.


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Blogabilities – Week of 08/14/2011

* I went to Costco today and at check-out, the cashier applied a coupon (which I didn’t supply him with) for $2 off one of my items. In fact, I didn’t even know he’d done it until I was already back at work reviewing my receipt. That was really nice of him. So, I give a virtual “thank you” to cashiers who are kind to their customers, even when the customer is oblivious to their kindness.

* I found out this week that a friend of mine and his wife are expecting after an 8 year battle with infertility. I am truly speechless with joy for him and his wife. They have worked so hard for this. With a long, long road ahead of them, every time they cross my mind I pray that the road they’re facing will be smooth and enjoyable. So much I want to say, but … speechless. It really made my week when he shared their news with me!

* On the pet front, all the fish seem healthy for now. The bird is moulting, so she’s just a little bit cranky. The cats? Well, we discovered tonight that one of them has diarrhea with blood. We’re not sure if it’s just a weird thing, like maybe one of them ate something he shouldn’t have and he’ll be OK after a couple days or what. So we’re just observing for now.

* We went to Disneyland on Tuesday night. We got Tony a “Happy Birthday” pin (it was Wednesday) and also a “Happy Anniversary” pin (coming up on Saturday). It was fun, although I totally think the Buzz Lightyear ride is rigged. Otherwise, how to explain the HUGE gap in points?

* No glamorous sunrises to go with my sunrise swims this week. It’s been really foggy in the mornings, which brings the gift of really fresh smelling air and makes the pool feel warmer once I’m in. I continue to revel in my outdoor swims (vs. indoor). *happy sigh*

* A mountain trip is on the agenda for this weekend. Really looking forward to that.


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Blogabilities – Week of 08/07/2011

* It’s been two or three weeks now and I’m still a bit weirded out that we have a neighbor who opened my package, stole stuff, but “not really” because they returned the stuff they stole (Link). Which then begs the question of whether I should be insulted? Like, what I bought was good enough to steal, but then they RETURNED it to me? And… should I be thankful for that? I’m also surprised that none of you all seemed to be even remotely weirded out by that. What if it had been YOUR stuff and your neighbor?

* My strategy of bringing the alpha cat (Tug) along to the vet with his cat’s vet appointment was genius. Pure genius. It only took Tug 2 days (vs. 1 month) to accept Snug back into his good graces. If poor Snug ever has to go to the vet again, I will definitely be bringing Tug along. I’m thankful that my vet tolerated the weirdness and didn’t charge us a boarding fee for the day.
We should all have sweet nothings licked into our ear…

* This bouquet of plumeria flowers that seems to keep blooming and blooming. It greets me every time I look out the window or go into the back yard. Plumerias are the best. Plus, it brings Hawaii to the forefront of my mind and Hawaiian nostalgia is always a happy thing.
Plumeria bouquet

* I’m grateful for humor. On Monday I went over to the local mall. As I was walking in, another lady and I crossed the street at the same time as a vehicle with some dude blaring his stereo with overwhelming bass drove behind us. I looked at her, she looked at me. I said, “Doesn’t that just make you want to beg him to stop his car so you can crawl in and drive around with him?” She smirked and replied, “No.” I said, “Yeah, me neither.” We both laughed.

* We really had a fantastic time at the county fair. Minus the part where I accidentally stepped on the back of Tony’s flip-flop and broke it. But still… where else can you ride an elephant, visit an ice museum, eat food off a grill so huge that it’s pulled by a semi-truck, see the Clydesdales (my favorite horses in the world), and as the grand finale, see Bill Cosby (a performance that lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, and he was EARLY) all in one day? And, bonus, the price of fair admission was included in the cost of the Bill Cosby tickets (which really weren’t very expensive)! I really love our county fair!

* I am so thankful that in 2006 I found an activity — lap swimming — that I love to do, that I’m healthy enough to be able to do (a few years ago I wasn’t), that I have facilities conveniently available to me (both within my community and at my gym), and of all the things in the world that I could be addicted to, somehow my addiction has turned out to be one of the best things for me. It truly is my cure all for everything and I am thankful every single day for it.

* Our city is having a “Shop & Dine Locally” event this week. A whole bunch of businesses are participating and they’re REAL discounts… like, buy one dinner, get one free or 25% off of your order type of stuff. With anything in life, there’s a counter-balance for everything, but given that we live in the city (vs. the country), all things considered, most of the time I really, really love where we live.


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