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Hitting 90*F here today, so we went to see Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse. We also noted that there was a bunch of popcorn on the ground outside the theater. Perhaps it will pop?

Also, we were glad we weren’t in the theater that the wall was being held up on the outside…


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We had our consultation for the Child with the orthodontist today for Phase 2. The Child makes no effort to hide how much he dislikes orthodontic treatments, would prefer not to do them, doesn’t care how great his smile looks, and has even gone so far as to call the orthodontist the Pain Doctor.

So, anyway, we walk into the consultation room and the Child looks at the wall where the orthodontist displays all his medical diplomas and certifications. Literally, years upon years of education.

The orthodontist walks in and and the Child, ever one for perfect timing, says in a loud, droll, unimpressed voice, “Wow. Look at all those pain certificates.”


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Memorial Day weekend!

Flags for Fallen Vets. We really enjoy this event each year.

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Snake hill

We headed out last night, I wanted to ‘blade Snake Hill (our name for it) with the hopes of seeing a copperhead. We were not disappointed. We love rollerblading so much!

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Book Worm

Something happened to me.

Somewhere around April 15 I downloaded a book about a horse and I disappeared. Since that time, I somehow managed to read 11 books by Angela Dorsey, 9 books by Tricia Goyer and 19 books by Sherry A. Burton.

Hello, I am a book-a-holic and I have no excuses for my behavior. I would also do it again if given the chance. Sleep? Who needs sleep when there are books to be read?

While I was gone, we had a hail storm. I got a bigger glass of hail filled up this time.

The child finished his Awana book and we had a ceremony to celebrate at the church.

I evicted and then wrestled my giant plumeria tree out of the house and then carried my plants out from the greenhouse so they can all enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

The flowers have been blooming in the yard. My mom has been picking the irises and I’ve been picking the roses and bringing them inside so we can enjoy their glory.

One of my favorite authors has a book releasing May 2… that’s tomorrow (!!)… if I disappear again, try to miss me this time.

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Happy Easter weekend!

Our city had a “block party” yesterday. They had the police, firemen and even a SWAT team out with their vehicles for citizens to meet, greet and learn. The In-n-Out food truck was there and tons of vendors set up in the gymnasium.

It was such a beautiful day with friends, and we visited the playground afterwards to run off some energy!

Last night, we dyed Easter eggs and this morning was the Easter egg hunt.

So thankful for our Lord and Savior who we celebrate annually on this day!
… and now we’re preparing for Tuesday, minus one. Where did the weekend go in such a hurry?

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The 1900s

The child: Did you know the first Toy Story movie was made back in the 1900s?
Me: What????
The child: Yeah, like way back in 1995!
Me: 😳🤣 That is NOT what I think of when someone says the 1900s….

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Fridge laugh

The child: Can I have a fridge?
Me: No.
The child: Please?
Me: No.
The child: I want a fridge!
Me: No.
The child: I want a fridge with an Alexa in it.
Me: No! That’s creepy! But I am curious, why do you want a fridge?
The child: I could put my spaghetti in it!
Me: Ha! You can get a fridge when you’re older.
The child: How much older?
Me: When you’re 21.
The child: But that’s so far away …
Me: Huh. No, it’s not.
The child: Can I have a fridge today?
Me: No.
The child: Daddy will buy it for me.

Two hours later…
The child: Daddy, can I have a fridge?
Husband: No.

Me: 😀

(By the way, he didn’t really want a fridge. He just wanted me to laugh… which I did. :D)

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Monster trucks!!

It was a great day yesterday to be outside in the sunshine! It was even better that we were outside in this amazing weather for an incredible 2Xtreme Monster Truck show!

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Fish fry

Last fish fry of the Lenten season… the BBC church only does the meal every other week. I can’t believe we’re already this close to Easter!

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