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Test post.

He got sunglasses!


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Simple Pleasures.

Today I am grateful because…

The tree trimmers came and trimmed this tree last week. They did an amazing job and there were barely any leaves dropped in our backyard from their escapade.

A fun multi-colored pen I bought for work that no one but me wants to write with.

My Carsland button collection is complete.

I love my fuschia plants …

My blueberry bush has been bountiful this year.

My plumeria tree bloomed this year.

My favorite Mexican restaurant we eat at sometimes on Thursday evenings.

Chocolate cream cheese cake for a birthday at work.

My son greets me with a smile (always) and flowers (sometimes) when I get home.


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I was driving home the other day from work and a car changed lanes and got behind me. I saw this in my rearview mirror and have to say, seeing a bumper like that? Well, it caused a bit of concern. Yes, I discriminate about the bumpers that follow me.

This here? This is my most favorite place to be on the freeway. To the left of a semi. Why? Because he won’t be coming over and neither will anyone else from that side.

I’ve heard of a blue moon, a full moon, various slicings of a moon, but can’t recall previously ever seeing a lavender moon. Now I can.

Look! New palm trees! (You can tell by their hair, it’s still up in a ponytail!)

I had no idea school bus drivers posted a sign about doing this. Is this a new thing or have I just been out of the loop for a long time?

And, finally, I saw this sign in a store and although I didn’t buy it, it made me very happy. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday. Ladybugs = Good Luck.


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Through My Eyes.

I just thought I’d share some pictures from my world, taken over the last couple of weeks.

Halloween decorations are down. My work area is now decorated for autumn. Simple things like this make me very happy.

I can’t believe the trees around me actually have color. I know you Easterners are all, “Not a big deal, California chickie!” But in the most mundane of places reside these trees… the parking lot at my work place.

When we had a full moon last week…

When we went to the mountains the weekend after my birthday, we were coincidentally treated to witnessing the first snow of the season. We love that.

The mountain donkey was out for a visit.

I love Arby’s Jr. Roast Beef sandwich… Tony loves their Arby-Q sandwich. We both love the bag they give it to us in.

My albino fish has a weird something or other on her tail. I have no idea what it is. Her activity level seems okay, though, and none of the other fish seem to be infected. Just the strangest thing.

This is what I’m greeted with every morning now that the weather has turned cooler. That little green spot in the middle of the picture is our birdy’s butt. Lest you think she’s actually cold, remember she has a heated perch that she’s also sitting on.

My cat, Tug, found a sun spot to rest his front paws. That made him very happy.

Happy Friday to you and hope you have a good weekend!


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Wordless Weekend!

Tony (yesterday): Do you know what you want to do tomorrow at the fair?
Me: Yes!! I made a LIST!!

He thinks my lists are cute…


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Wordless Wednesday.

Trying to do too much and half of it makes no sense.

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