Blogabilities 04/20/2012

This time of year brings me so much joy! In the parking lot at my work we have concrete plant boxes which each have a tree surrounded by star jasmine. Every year when those jasmine plants start blooming I get so excited… Look at this, they’re almost ready to burst open!

Over in our community pool area are these trees that bloom fragrant pink flowers. I love taking pictures of them and smelling them (before the landscapers come through and trim them away).

Signs in bathrooms in general just crack me up. This one was in the ladies’ room at the Red Cross office near our home where Tony donated blood last Saturday. It was so… personable… and friendly:

I love hand-me-down clothing for William and one of our neighbors has two little boys. Every couple of weeks I come home and find a bag of stuff from her, it makes me so happy!

I’ve always found it interesting to see what people keep in their fridges. If you were to open our fridge these days, you would find that instead of Milky Ways, we have milky days:

Being back to work is hard sometimes, but every Friday we have these and those make it just a little easier to go in. Not much easier, but a little bit. Everyone crowds in the kitchen, grabbing coffee, standing in line to get their breakfast and I always feel like we’re warriors who have managed to survive the week:

Since I had 8″ cut off a couple weeks ago, my hair no longer gets clamped into the seat belt. Have to say, that’s kind of nice:

This makes me laugh… here is all the baggage I now take to work with me… my lunch bag, William’s lunch bag, my netbook, and my purse:

For the last several months, even before I went on maternity leave, one of the soap dispensers in the ladies bathroom at work stopped working. It was maddening because then I had to reach across the other sink and get soap out of that one. I mentioned it to a co-worker the other day and she told me that all I have to do is push the top of the broken soap dispenser while pushing the button below, and magically, it works. Ummm, not ideal, certainly a little weird, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have a work around.

I’m thinking that I may have an obsession with hair clips, and yet I still can’t find them in the middle of the night:

William loves when I sing to him, it doesn’t particularly matter to him what I’m singing. The moment I start, he relaxes and will usually smile and sometimes even laugh. I snapped this particular picture while I was singing Amazing Grace to him. Not a particularly funny song by any means, but he can laugh/smile if he wants because every day that William lives in this world I find myself smiling and thanking God for his amazing grace.



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6 responses to “Blogabilities 04/20/2012

  1. sidewinder

    Wow, all your bags coordinate!

    You have such a smiley baby! He’s very cute, like his mama.

    Enjoying your new normal yet? Life does seem to be so much crazier with kids in the picture.

    • Ha, yes, I have a thing for black bags!
      I love William’s smile and will do almost anything to get him to smile. It helps that he’s an expressive little kid.
      Life is … well, life takes a bunch more coordination with a kiddo. I’ll just put it that way.

  2. Love the look of your Fridge, my dear…! And that tree/bush that blooms at your pool is GORGEOUS! William is adorable—such a happy little guy….And it sounds like life is pretty darn good these day for your dear sweet family! Bless You All.

  3. William is obviously as thrilled as you are that he’s your son. He’s going to be such a lucky, loved boy!

    (I am sad that wordpress no longer allows me to comment and fill in my blog URL myself. 😦 I have to sign in with twitter nowadays and I hate that. Unless I “create a wordpress account” I can’t leave my normal ol’ email and URL. *sniff*)

  4. love the sweetness of your blog – and the grace to see all the wonder in the everyday … William is a charmer … what blessings in your life since the days when we first ‘met’ … our God is so GREAT!!!

  5. Tony

    I love you both soooo much. XOXXOXO :mrgreen: