Blogabilities — Week of 07/24/2011

* I’m so grateful that the hummingbirds have decided to return to our yard! We filled their feeder and waited. Then waited some more. Months, really. We asked each other how to get the word out, is there a Hummer Tribune where we should be advertising? Then, Monday night, like magic, the hummingbird came!

* Those lemon trees I mentioned behind the deserted business buildings? Yeah, those? Let the harvest begin!

* Not happy with thieving neighbors. Every year around this time, I like to find my swim accessories and stock up for the rest of the year. (‘Tis the swimming season — have you ever tried to buy a swimsuit in December?) Swim goggles, swim caps, board shorts and cropped tankini, those are my things! The cropped tankini was discontinued two years ago (Newport News it the only place who I’ve found that makes them), and I was getting to the point where I was giving serious consideration to having some made by a custom swimwear company. Thus, I was thrilled to discover that Newport News is offering the cropped tankini once again! They were also on sale, so I ordered six of them, three in each color. When they arrived on my doorstep, there were only four, two in each color. I also thought it odd that the shipping package didn’t have a “plastic zipper” opening, and the internal sticky strip (if I needed to return it) wasn’t on the package. The next night, the two that were missing from my package were sitting on my doorstep. Like someone took them out of the shipping package (using the zipper opening, and resealed it using the sticky strip), kept them for 24 hours and then returned them. I’m a little creeped out about the apparent fact that I have a neighbor who goes around and opens packages, removes contents, reseals the packages, and then returns the removed contents the next day.

* Came across this recipe, if you want to call it that, for one ingredient ice cream. No ice cream maker needed, either, just a blender or a food processor. I’m one of those people who only likes bananas if they’re slightly green. Once they turn yellow and spotted they gross me out. Which is to say that I had a lot of frozen bananas. Not anymore. Not after finding this recipe. Yum!

* One of my bosses pulled a muscle in his neck yesterday at the gym. After commiserating with him, because I’ve certainly had my share of pulled or strained neck muscles, especially if I don’t stretch it out after swimming, I stood up to leave and drolly said, “There’s nothing quite like a pain in the neck…” He had been focusing on signing stuff, so there was a moment of silence and I took two steps before he processed what I had said. He laughed shortly, abruptly, in surprise and said, “Nope, there’s nothing quite like it.” One of those had-to-be-there moments, but it really was quite funny.

* The amusement I get when anyone asks to borrow a pen at work, and I offer them this particular pen. I’m also not a discriminator of offering this pen, either, I include the CEO of the company and my bosses. I’ll tell you, this pen does not make it very far away from my desk.



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16 responses to “Blogabilities — Week of 07/24/2011

  1. I’m going to have to call you on that “cropped tankini.” A tankini means a bikini bottom with a tank top. “Cropped tankini” is like a “shortened long dress.” Once the dress is shortened, it is no longer a long dress. Once the tank top is cropped, it is no longer a tank top. So basically it’s just a bathing suit top, or a sports bra. You are a victim of funky marketing.

    • They call it something else. It’s hard to describe (it’s not a typical swim top, the straps are wider than most, and it’s definitely not a sports bra). Since I wear it, I can call it whatever I want.

      So product of funky marketing? No.
      Name of my own creation? Yes.

  2. My wife likes wearing tankini’s as well. She doesn’t fell old enough to wear a one piece and doesn’t feel young enough to wear a bikini. Which is why I never buy her swimwear.

    I’d LOVE signing stuff with that pen!

    • Swimwear is one of those things, especially for women, that’s best left to the woman to purchase. So, I would say you’re a wise man.
      For me, I prefer the board shorts, they just have better coverage than regular swim bottoms, plus I *hate* things that creep up into crevices. That cropped tankini thing has wide straps and doesn’t slip down when I do my turnabouts at either end of the pool. I found the perfect mix and match two piece for me, and am beyond happy that they’re offering that for sale again this year!

      The men at work make this strange sour “I just ate an aspirin” face when I hand it to them. Cracks me up every single time!

  3. LOVE that Pen…And such a good way to NOT lose a pen…lol! I am unfamiliar with the Tankini….When I was swimming laps—back in the olden days—I loved swimming in a one piece suit…..Times Change, don’t they? That ‘top’ does look very comfy though…..

    • I love that top because it doesn’t MOVE one bit when I’m swimming. Nearly every other top on the market either has those stupid tie strings or stuffing in the front, neither of which hold up for moving fast in the water. One’s not strong enough the other gets water logged. One pieces, well, I love my board shorts for the rear-end coverage. They don’t make one piece suits with board short type bottoms and the skirt suits annoy me. heh

      I’ve apparently become quite picky about my swimming attire! (understatement)

  4. tinyhands

    I’m with you on green bananas, but not those green lemons. Put an apple in the bag with them.

  5. steve won’t let me buy tankinis. 😦 boo. or a one piece. boo. hehe.

    miss you. hope you’re doing well.


    • You let him have a say in your swimwear? 😯

      *muwah* I’m well. Hey, you’re the busy one these days, so quit yer whinin’! hehe

  6. Priceless comment & I love the pen : o)

  7. PY

    The pen looks lovely, and it being so special is hard to miss!

  8. Beth

    Wow, I’m going to try making that banana ice cream, it’s absolutely brilliant! I wonder if it’s even sweeter with those mini-bananas? Ever try them? They’re sweeter and so friggin’ adorable!

    • The banana ice cream is really, really good. My new favorite treat… even over frozen yogurt! I’ve not tried the mini-bananas, but would imagine if they’re sweet, they’d make the “ice cream” sweeter! πŸ™‚