Blogabilities – Week of 08/28/2011

* Time in the mountains is the best thing ever… still so happy about our anniversary trip up there two weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the little routines we do up there. From our special breakfast, to wandering through town, to driving past the donkey’s house, to buying peanuts for the squirrels and birds at the General Store. Our most recent visit, though, in honor of our anniversary, we added a little jaunt over to the start of our Mile Long Wedding Aisle. Remember, we were married on top of Castle Rock…

* Coupons for free car maintenance. I received a letter in the mail from a dealership that I’d gone to exactly one time. I had a great experience there that one time, except that I asked them to match the “family” price I’d been getting at another dealership and they came in $5 over. So I never went back. For some reason, though, they mailed me a coupon for free oil and filter changes through December of 2012. That’s, like, 5 free oil changes. I used one of them last week, so I guess they’ve now made up that $5 charge I was miffed over. Plus, they have free WIFI in their waiting area.

* I love discovering which plant of mine is blooming… and this week it was my Canna lily plant. The blooms last but a short time, but WOWZA are they colorful and so dramatic!

* A leaf the same color as my car. Does this mean the seasons are getting ready to change?

* My car’s odometer changed to 100,000 miles this morning — and I MISSED SEEING IT HAPPEN! Gah!

* Got this as change from the local gas station. When was the last time YOU saw a $2 bill in circulation?

* Discovering an unread book in my garage. I’m not sure why I didn’t read this book when I bought it, but it’s been owned by me since at least February of 2005 (according to the random receipt I stuffed in the first page as a bookmark for when I did get around to reading it). I’m finding it to be peaceful, funny and an easy read — enjoying it immensely. Link This is the only book of this author’s that I’ve read and now I’m thinking I may have to find and read all them! Y’all know I’m an obsessive author reader, right?

* Tuesday morning during my lap swim session, I had just started my kickboarding set of laps and the sun had just barely started to lighten the sky. For those laps, I remove my swim goggles and usually close my eyes and relax into the movement. I did so Tuesday morning and opened them as I reached the opposite end of the pool to see a bobcat had slipped through the fence, presumably to drink at his “waterhole” and he was just as startled to see me as I was him. His eyes were wide, his ears attentive and the fur on his back was floofed up. My hand had just reached out to grasp the edge of the pool, but I stopped moving when I saw him, and waited to see what he would do… 5 feet from me. Our eyes looked into each others, steadily, evaluating intentions. He backed up, opened his mouth like he was hissing (I wear earplugs), turned and went back through the fence. I thought maybe I was crazy and had imagined it. Although, we do live near a natural preserve and there is a strip of “natural” land that comes down from that preserve which borders our community, but still. So, I searched pictures of bobcats, that cat was definitely a bobcat. Also, apparently there are sightings of bobcats in our area a few times a year, so I guess maybe I’m not crazy. But, wow. Talk about a wake up to my morning!

* Blessed to have a three day weekend coming up.



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14 responses to “Blogabilities – Week of 08/28/2011

  1. Ellen hit 100,000 on her car recently. We had to drive through a residential neighborhood so she could get a picture.

    I haven’t see a $2 bill in circulation but I have one on my writing desk at home. You just don’t see them anymore.

    I too am an obsessive author reader. My big disappointment lately is so many authors are writing series. I don’t always have time for a 3 volume arc each 800 pages long. What ever happened to just writing a good story in a single volume?

    • Congrats on the 100k mileage! It’s a big “once in a car’s lifetime” deal! I’m sad I missed mine.
      I was so surprised when the gas station handed it to me for change. He had to dig for it, too, so I think the guy really liked me. hehe

      What authors do you like, just curious?

  2. PY

    Wishing you a restful weekend.

  3. yes, the season is changing again …

    cool, re the bobcat – tho’ i know my heart would be beating extra too!!!! i’ve seen a couple of bears around here, and for sure i wouldn’t want to meet up with one of them while i’m biking!

    hope you are enjoying the weekend! blessings on ya! Tony and baby (of course!)

    • I can’t believe it’s September already and looking towards the season of Fall! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to put out Autumn decorations. πŸ™‚

      The poor bobcat was so startled, I actually felt kind of bad for him. Cool experience, though, and I felt somewhat safe because I was actually in the pool and probably could swim better than he could. heh

  4. It was 2am in Hoboken with some friends, I was wearing a black lace top, leather jacket and jeans when my first car hit 100,000…and I have before, after and during pictures of the event. No way I was going to miss it or forget it. πŸ™‚

    Hooray for the season change! Fall’s my favorite…..beautiful foliage, warm apple ciders, Halloween, hay rides. Love it!

    • *rawr* You really dressed up for the 100k occasion, didn’t you? Are the pictures of you or of your odometer? hehe

      Love Fall… all the things you listed? Love. Totally love.

  5. i’m totally going to miss my 100K… i already know. hehe.

    dude, i saw a bobcat at the civic center! just hanging out. it was… a little creepy.


    • Gah! I wish I hadn’t missed my 100k. I was so sad.

      YOU saw a bobcat, too? Really weird, the civic center is the center of the city. Man, they’re getting braver and braver.

  6. Tony

    I loved our weekend in the mountains and any weekend we get to relax up there. Love you cutie, XXOXOXOXO
    watch out for bobcat’s cutie, hehehehehe

  7. I do good to catch the 200k mark! lol.

    I love the first blooms of stuff. But alas, I miss them too!

    I’m just not that observant sometimes.