One Hundred Thirty-Four

Things you can get for approximately US $134:

    * On Wednesdays, you can buy 536 hot dogs for $.25/each at Weinerschnitzel’s.

    * 41 gallons of petrol (at $3.219/gallon, the current rate at the gas station at the corner).

    * 8 GB iPod nano on Actually, that one’s a nickel shy of $134…

    * 1,696 ounces of baking soda (at $2.49 per 32 oz. box).

    * 11 bags of cat food (nearly a year’s worth of feline happiness).

    * A couple tickets to see Bill Cosby in September.

    * 33 fish tank filters (that’s nearly 4 years of filters, folks).

    * Approximately 10 pounds of filet mignon at Costco.

    * A traffic ticket for a less than 10 second ride in the bicycle lane if you cut over before the dotted line to make a right-hand turn.

I’ll let you guess which one I chose.



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9 responses to “One Hundred Thirty-Four

  1. Caryl

    Yeah. Been there. Done that (something similar).
    Never did it again though.
    Love you,

    Love you, too.

    ~Jammie J.

  2. grrrace

    SUCK. Sorry, honeybunny….

    Gas is $3.21 by you? I need to look at my corner station…

    Why couldn’t it have been Rarry?? 🙂
    Funny thing, the few people I told about it yesterday thought I’d gotten a speeding ticket and were aghast when I told them it was for the bicycle lane. Hehe

    Yep, $3.21… Costco is cheaper, but this one is more convenient.

  3. THAT is an expensive “criossing of the line”….! Oh My!

    Some of those things are surprising, I must say….Two Tickets to see Bill Cosby—not bad when you think of the price of Theatre Tickets today….lol!

    I wasn’t too thrilled about the ticket, but I’m shaking my head and laughing over it because I never, ever do that and the one time I do, I get busted. I swear! No, I really did swear! 😆

    So I guess I should have said “which two I picked” because I totally bought tickets to see Bill Cosby, too. HA!!

    ~Jammie J.

  4. just came by and got “caught up” on YOU!
    i hope that you are having a relaxing sunday … and that the stresses lesson … i know how that feels, battling bouts of stress/depression – even tho’ i know that “this too shall pass”, when you are in it, you don’t feel that way …
    but since you are “amused” when writing this post – i hope the rest of the week will only be better and better …

    Thanks, dear, I’m hoping that we’re coming out of this tunnel of gloom. It’s been a rough time… while not pleased or thrilled about the ticket, the thing is I never break that law, but the one time I did, I totally got busted on it. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the irony of it, you know?

    ~Jammie J.

  5. That’s what happens when you have a red sports car. Cop magnet.

    Im surprised you didn’t get out of it by batting your eyelashes at the officer. Most would let a pretty lady slide. Unless you got a woman cop.

    I’ve driven a red Miata since 1996. This is my 1st ticket in it. I drove a white Honda civic for only 2-3 years and got two or three tickets in that one. *shrug* Go figure.

    Actual conversation, that may shed light on your last question there, held by me and Tony the night I got the ticket: Tony-Did you try tears? Me-Wouldn’t have worked. Him-He was a jerk? Me-Not really. Him-So he was gay. Me-How’d u know?

    ~Jammie J.

  6. Beth

    What in the world is a bicycle lane? Over here, bicyclists know there’s no such thing as sharing. Cars and trucks rule the road!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is good!

    Now see, I should’ve asked him, “What in the world is a bicycle lane?” Maybe THAT would’ve gotten me free from the ticket… 😆

    ~Jammie J.

  7. You got a ticket because you went over into the bicycle lane 10 seconds too soon???? Someday was having a boring day. Sorry honey, that blows!

    Not even 10 seconds. *eye roll*
    Now everywhere we go, I tell Tony, “If that motorcycle cop had been behind you, you’d have gotten a ticket just now for that!” He says, “Is this what I’m gonna hear now everywhere we go?” Me, “Yep!”

    ~Jammie J.

  8. grrrace

    Yeah… I would’ve guessed that it was a speeding ticket… I was all mortified when I was telling Steve… “Can you believe that Jeanette got a TICKET for coasting in the bike line for just a few seconds?!”

    I counted no less than six cars tonight doing what I did last Thursday. Talk about sucky luck. Blech. I hope that cop gets a case of chiggers in his groin.

    ~Jammie J.

  9. marigold

    I had no idea you were so fond of hotdogs.

    There’s a lot of things I’m fond of that you don’t know about.

    ~Jammie J.