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Selfies At Safari

I found a most cooperative goat who liked to take selfies with me. ¬†ūüėÄ

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Christmas Work Lunch

Every year my company tries to do something nice¬†for their employees for the holidays. ¬†There’s a lot of work and planning that goes into it, from the “what” to the “where” to the coordination of raffle prizes. ¬†The year I had William, they had a fancy lunch at a restaurant… I didn’t get to attend that one. ¬†The next year they did a fancy lunch on a harbor cruise boat. ¬†The following year they did a fancy breakfast at Disneyland and gave everyone a park hopper pass for the day. ¬†I don’t think they’ll ever be able to top that one! ¬†The year after that, it was¬†a fancy lunch at a ritzy shopping mall. ¬†This year, it was a fancy lunch at a harbor restaurant.

I guess one of the options they explored for this year’s event was renting a theater for a preview of the new Star Wars movie. ¬†Sadly, the theater didn’t get back to us timely, so we chose the fancy lunch at a harbor restaurant last Friday. ¬†My co-worker told me yesterday that the theater had just called and cleared us for this Friday. ¬†But, yeah, too late.

Anyway, we had a good time and the most interesting story I took away from the outing was my parking adventure. ¬†So, valet parking was paid for by the company, including gratuity. ¬†Except when I got there, the line for the valet was backed up into the street and was 10 cars deep. ¬†So I backed out of the line and drove to the next stop light to make a left turn and park at a meter. ¬†Except the stop light was malfunctioning, so I had to wait through two cycles and then went against the red light. ¬†I finally got parked and started putting my hard earned coinage into the meter and realized that the meter didn’t allow payment over¬†1 hour, but it still took the money¬†with¬†no option for a refund. ¬† Jerk! ¬†The meter dude¬†was standing right there and when I asked him about it, he shrugged and said, “Yeah, well, it says right there…” and he pointed through the inch thick, foggy acrylic cover at a minuscule sign inside the meter. ¬†Ohhhh-kay. ¬†My loss. ¬†He suggested downloading their parking app and paying that way, then I wouldn’t have to leave the party to feed the meter. ¬†Turns out, it was a good suggestion and was a good topic of table conversation, too.







The best part of all these Christmas events, though, is the early release. ¬†After we put in our appearance at the event, and sit through the endless raffle prizes that I never win, despite prayers and hopes to the contrary, I get to leave and go somewhere and spend the rest of the day¬†with my little guy. ¬†That is truly the greatest gift my company gives me. ¬†Who cares about 55″ televisions? ¬†I’d rather see a 45″ tall little guy any day over a 55″¬†square monster!

Plus, we discovered escalators, Chick-Fil-A,¬†Baking Betty’s (creme brulee cookies… swoon),¬†a gelato store, a koi fish pond and, of course, the super tall Christmas tree that is just perfect for running around like a silly goofball. ¬†And when Tony arrived, William told him he needed a second dinner from Chick-Fil-A and a second dessert from Baking Betty’s. ¬†Hmmmm.












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Another Crazy Hair!!

I should be ashamed of this. ¬†I really should. ¬†But, no one ever had a better¬†laugh about aging than me. ¬†Especially when it’s over such a harmless thing. ¬†My People, I am here to tell you that I have ANOTHER Crazy Hair. ¬†What’s that? ¬†You don’t remember the original Crazy Hair? ¬†You go refresh your memory right now! ¬†I’ll wait.

OK. ¬†You’re back. ¬†Yes, I still have the original Crazy Hair. ¬†Yes, I still torture Tony with it. ¬†He’ll be holding hands with me while we’re driving down the road and pretty soon, I’ve managed to stealthily move his hand so it’s scarily within proximity of the Crazy Hair. ¬†His horrified response is well worth the day or so that he needs to recuperate from that fun!

Now, though, I have another one. ¬†I was looking in my 10x magnifying mirror the other day. ¬†The kind of mirror I strongly recommend against having in your house, because you will find all sorts of horrifying things on your face that you would have been better off not knowing about. ¬†Like, for example, a black hair that sprouted seemingly out of nowhere along my¬†strongly chiseled ¬†slightly sagging, aging jawline. ¬†I noticed it a couple months ago, and like any good person who’s in denial of the aging process, I plucked that sucker right out of there. ¬†It kind of stung when I did it, actually, so, I figured I was successful in removing its¬†established roots. ¬†That theory didn’t work so well. ¬†It showed up again a couple weeks later. ¬†Plucked. ¬†Grew. Plucked. Grew. ¬†Of course it did. ¬†I’m getting old! ¬†That means my ears and nose are getting bigger and I’m growing stiff (ha ha, stiff), I mean, COARSE, black hair in random places!

I’m debating the best way to work this new Crazy Hair into my marital scaring routine. ¬†I mean, we have the original Crazy Hair. ¬†We have the faux air humping routine. ¬†Now I have this? ¬†Could our married life possibly get anymore adventurous??

air humper copy


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The Sick. It won’t Go Away.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been non-stop sick like this. It’s getting to the point of ridiculous. It all started when we went to Disneyland for William’s birthday. Because we ALWAYS get sick when we go to Disneyland. I just expect it. William got The Sick first. Of course he did. He’s the kid. That’s what kids do. If I were a jerk, I’d just say that he’s a walking petrie dish… but I’m not, so I’ll just say that his immune system isn’t fully developed, so he’s more susceptible to germs. Poor thing.

ANYWAY, so, yeah. That was on December 6th. I went to the doctor and was told there was nothing that could be done, just gotta tough it out. Fantastic! I’m always thrilled to spend a $20 copay to be told I’m a wuss.

I overheard that people in our accounting department have had multiple rounds of The sick… so it’s going around at work, too. Yippee!

Then we got The Sick again over the holiday break. I even had my payroll department to change one of my “vacation” designated days to “sick time” because I spent time visiting the doctor and was smart enough to actually get a note from him to prove it. But he basically told me the same thing as before, just gotta suck it up and deal.

Then, on January 1, I changed doctors and made yet another doctor visit on 1/4. This time I got antibiotics and got better, but 5 days after the antibiotics were gone, I got Sick. Again. That was mid-January, so I got different antibiotics (after another doctor visit).

Then I found out that the guy who is over the cubicle wall from me was sick, so I wasn’t really surprised when, ON THE VERY LAST DAY OF MY ANTIBIOTICS, I got The Sick AGAIN. And here I am. Sick. I am livid about The Sick.

So, I’ve decided that henceforth, this shall be my new outfit.

masked umbrella and tin foil

That won’t look strange at all, will it?


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Custom Frames.

I had a few chuckles on the freeway driving home last night when I spotted these license plate frames. I couldn’t stop imagining that perhaps her son-in-law put these on her car, and she maybe doesn’t even know they’re there? ¬†Because, really, how often do YOU go look at your license plate frames? ¬†Once a year when you stick your new registration sticker on?

Then I thought how awesome that would be if Tony got some of these and put them on my mom’s car. And that’s when I really laughed. ¬†In fact, I was lying in bed last night thinking about that and started laughing… Tony said, “What are you laughing about?” I wouldn’t tell him because I wanted to post the picture to go with it.



Nice, shiny chrome plate holder that says, “Happiness is being… ¬†Tony’s Mother-In-Law!


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Footie Sleeper Obsession.

It’s no secret, that as a lover of pajamas (e.g., my alias, Jammie J.), that I would have a love of footed jammies. ¬†I have several: ¬†the Grinch, a reindeer, Eeyore — to name a few. ¬†That I now have a child that I can dress in them as well is a dream come true for me, as I’m sure you can imagine! ¬†And the nights are getting cooler, so he’s been waking up cold in the wee hours of the morning. ¬†You know what that means??? ¬†IT’S TIME FOR FOOTIE JAMMIES!

So it was that¬†I bought William two footed sleepers at Costco a couple days ago. ¬†Tuesday night, I let him pick which one he wanted to wear, the green striped raccoon or firetrucks. ¬†When I held them up for him to see, he made his choice by excitedly exclaiming, “PIRETRUCKS,” and cried when I offered the raccoon choice. OK then, that’a pretty clear preference I would say.

That night I watched on the video monitor as he struggled to get into his butt-in-air-fetal-favorite-sleeping-position, but wasn’t able to because¬†the 3T size I had purchased him was too freakin’ short. ¬†Fast forward to 3:30 am, when he woke because he was again attempting that position and couldn’t do it and it finally woke him up ¬†— and what does he say to me in his sleep stupor haze, as I lift him out of his crib?


So an emergency trip to Costco yesterday for the larger size was made, and last night he wore 4T. ¬†For the first time in a week, William slept through. ¬†When he woke this morning, he told me “LegoLand!” Assuming he’d dreamt of Legoland, I asked him what he had seen there. ¬†He replied, “Bricks! People! Firetrucks!” I knew the firetrucks would be in there somewhere… haha

Although given the chance of uninterrupted sleep, I unwittingly failed miserably. ¬†It’s not for the reason you’re thinking, either. ¬†You see, my alarm went off this morning at 6 am, as usual. ¬†Or so I thought. ¬†Despite feeling more tired than usual, I got up and went downstairs to load my car. ¬†I forgot something in the fridge, so I returned to the kitchen and glanced at the clock… 4:09 am. ¬†It should have read 6:09 am. ¬†Bemused, it suddenly made sense as to why all the cats were looking at me like I’d lost my mind. ¬†I knew what had happened. ¬†A certain little somebody who has an obsession with pushing buttons, had set the time on my bedside clock to 2 hours earlier.


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Music Class.

William’s music teacher claims that children as young as 6 months, maybe younger, have what is called “audio replay.”¬† The premise being, if you’ve heard a song before, and you sing a different part of the song out loud, or continue to do the actions for the song with no words, that you still hear the song in your head.¬† It makes sense, because I know for a fact that adults get songs stuck in their head ALL THE TIME.¬† Why wouldn’t it be so for children as well?

The first part of the video demonstrates this.¬† The lyrics that we were not singing are, “Smells so green and skies so blue, spring has sprung and now, me too!¬†¬† Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing! Take off your mittens and put away those coats. It’s time for gardens and sailing in boats. Smells so green and skies so blue, Spring has sprung now how ‘ bout you! Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing!”¬† — K. Guilmartin

William is gettin’ down to the “boing” part of the song.¬† Also, the bottom boogy that he’s doing is alllll him.¬† No one in the class except him was or has ever danced like that.¬† The last part of the video, well… you’ll see.

Video Link (in the event the playback box doesn’t work)

These moments are why I continue to enroll him in these classes.¬† Last week we were dancing with the teacher, round and round we went.¬† William laughed and laughed… and after every song was done, he signed “more.”¬† And desperately signed “more” when the class ended.

Honestly?  I wanted more, too.


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Sunny Sunshine Shining Green.

Yesterday Tony took William with him to his parent’s house, so I had three hours to myself.¬† At first I felt bereft.¬† I miss that kid so much during the week, I like to spend every spare moment that I have with him.¬† But then I realized, I’ve been meaning to get my hair cut.¬† Last time I got my hair cut, I had William with me and I wore him in a carrier on my chest. I stand anyway during the process because my hair is so long it makes it easier for my stylist to work with it.¬† But it was a little challenging, because he was Mister Nosey and wanted to know what she was doing with his mommy’s hair.

So, yep, you guessed it.¬† The second they left I hustled down to see her and got that taken care of.¬† Then I had two hours left… and GUESS WHAT!!?? Even though it’s not April, my community’s pool is heated.¬† Early.¬† Mid March.¬† Even better, the weather here is sunny and warm.¬† So I went had myself a swim in the pool. Outside. In the clean water that is not over-chlorinated.¬† It was glorious.

Could the day get any better?  Yes.  Yes, it could.

Despite all odds, William took a 2 hour 35 minute nap.¬† Which is good because he got a measly 30 minute nap on Friday, and he’s molarizing and had a beastly cold this past week.¬† Poor little guy.¬† He needs his rest.¬† Even better, I got an hour or so of a nap myself.

Then, THEN!! Last night was Green Dinner (aka St. Patrick’s Dinner) at Tony’s church.¬† Such a good time we had.¬† Even though we didn’t get to see the Irish Dancers (they came on after 9pm), the food was delicious, the bagpipes were entertaining and, you know, family was there.¬† Oh, and did I mention the food was delicious?¬† I think I might have.

When we were leaving, one of the men of the church asked me about my hair.¬† Now this is truly novel as no one ever notices when I get my hair cut.¬† I told him I’d spent all morning in the salon getting my hair done just for last night.

He looked at me, in all seriousness and said, “I sure hope you saved your receipt.”

A little miffed, I replied, “Yes, I did.¬† I know, they got it a little short, huh?”



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Changes in the House.

I mentioned a few months ago that I gave my remaining beloved cichlids to Fish Whisperer.¬† I have moments these days when I miss them, but then I remember all the maintenance and random acts of violence they had and that niggling feeling rapidly disappears.¬† Also, the removal of their tank opened up a corner in our living room that is now a devoted play area for William and the removal of the two cycle tanks opened up space on our kitchen counter for William’s bottles.

We do still have the original 12 gallon tank where my cichlids originally lived.  We use that tank to cycle the water for the remaining tank of guppies that we have.  It seemed a waste to just have it sitting empty, gurgling water around, so I put some fish in it.  Fake fish, that is.  Please meet the five plastic fish that now live in our cycle tank.

Occasionally, I will walk by and say to Tony, “You know, I’m worried about these poor fish.¬† They’re hiding in corners and aren’t eating… it’s just not good.”¬† He’ll nod sympathetically and tell me he knows and understands.

So, you see, their behavior is pretty much the same as the real fish, except these fish don’t poop, don’t get sick, don’t kill each other and I don’t have to change their water or medicate them.

I think I’m really over being a fish momma.


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Beautiful Random Summer.

There’s something about the 4th of July that captures my imagination year round. Christmas does, too, I guess but in a different way. Maybe because I kind of look at the 4th of July as sort of a kick off for summer? Or maybe it’s just a wonderful holiday that kind of sneaks up on you… there’s no month-long (or longer) prep for it. It just stands there, all by itself, proclaiming how wonderful freedom is.

So, here we are mid-summer already. I noticed this morning, through the warm rain that we were blessed with — which, by the way, confused everyone around here, FB updates were plentiful about “humidity” and “rain in July, WTH?” — that my plumeria tree was blooming.

And then tonight Tony brought home some more yellow crookneck squash.¬† He planted seeds that were in a pumpkin seed package and yellow crookneck squash grew from them.¬† Methinks someone at the seed distributor got confused.¬† Clearly these are not pumpkins, but … how can I complain when I love squash?

Since those two pictures are yellow, how about some greenery? I went to Ikea last month for something and saw a big leaf decoration that matched the decor in William’s room perfectly. They had several on display, and they didn’t look all THAT big, so I bought one. What I failed to factor in is, Ikea is kind of like Costco in that it’s an enormous store. Things that look “normal” there are, in fact, huge. Like, Jack in the Beanstalk proportions. So, now, William’s room is all about The Leaf. The Very Big Leaf. For size comparison, please note that William is in his crib in this picture, staring raptly at The Very Big Leaf.

And lately, because I no longer know which room I’ll feel more comfortable sleeping in, I got tired of shlepping my sleep mask from room to room and then getting to the room where I’ll be sleeping and realizing it’s in the other room. So I bought a second sleep mask. Now, tell me this isn’t the sexiest sleep mask you’ve ever seen.

Tony thinks so, and don’t you let him tell you any different.


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