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One Hundred Thirty-Four

Things you can get for approximately US $134:

    * On Wednesdays, you can buy 536 hot dogs for $.25/each at Weinerschnitzel’s.

    * 41 gallons of petrol (at $3.219/gallon, the current rate at the gas station at the corner).

    * 8 GB iPod nano on Amazon.com. Actually, that one’s a nickel shy of $134…

    * 1,696 ounces of baking soda (at $2.49 per 32 oz. box).

    * 11 bags of cat food (nearly a year’s worth of feline happiness).

    * A couple tickets to see Bill Cosby in September.

    * 33 fish tank filters (that’s nearly 4 years of filters, folks).

    * Approximately 10 pounds of filet mignon at Costco.

    * A traffic ticket for a less than 10 second ride in the bicycle lane if you cut over before the dotted line to make a right-hand turn.

I’ll let you guess which one I chose.



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