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Love & Loathe — 08/04/09


* Snug’s summer antics. I had forgotten about this thing Snug does when we run our box fans. He positions himself either in front or behind it and then YOWLS into it at the top of his lungs. He likes the sound of fan distortion, apparently, because he’s been doing this every summer for awhile now.

* It’s August! Tony’s birthday month! Our anniversary month! Four months until Christmas! This is exciting stuff, folks!! I keep telling him that his third job is playing the lottery, so maybe for his birthday he’ll finally win — the lottery from a broke state. HA HA!

* Finally, finally, finding a GYN and his office staff that I like — the whole package (see previous post). I can’t believe it. Best experience of having my bottoms off and on the table, ever (except for my RE, that is).

* Someone at my work did something right with their tomato plants. The person brings in a large bag every Monday morning and leaves it in the kitchen for everyone to share. I wish I knew who it was, because I’d love to tell them thank you!

* While my fancy-pants watch is in the shop getting a new battery, I bought a cheap thing on clearance at Big Lots! The flowers on this thing appear and disappear and I could stare at it all day. Never has time going by been so fun to watch before!

* Summer swims in the outdoor pool. These wonderful swims are what I think and dream about while swimming inside at the gym during the winter.


* Searching for stuff only to learn that it’s been discontinued. For example, I have a Kensington Pilotboard Multimedia Keyboard at home that I bought three years ago. I love everything about it and would love to have one at work, too. But guess what? Kensington no longer makes it. Grrr. Cosmetic companies discontinue stuff ALL THE TIME and it makes me crazy. I feel like I have to stockpile stuff when I like it because next time I go to the store, it might not be there. I think I may have a glimmer of understanding for hoarders, because I think it probably all started with the “discontinued” error.

* People who talk on their cell phone in a public restroom while using the toilet. When I encounter that, I intentionally become a multiple flusher, but it matters not to them. The one I encountered this past week at work was sitting on the toilet grunting and plunking and talking mid-plunk. So gross.

* Traffic. I now have to take one of the horrific California freeways to get to work. My other option is a surface street with traffic lights. So I take the freeway. I thought I had figured out the traffic patterns and it worked great for three days last week, leaving my house 5 or 10 minutes earlier than usual I missed all the traffic. Apparently I was tricked, because my strategy isn’t working this week.

One Last Thing:

This past Sunday, I was walking back to my car after swimming and a butterfly caught my eye. It was fluttering up and down, in giant circles, at the will of the breeze that was following the bank of the road up the hill. I increased my walking speed, got back to my car and grabbed my camera. I looked for the butterfly and caught a glimpse of it, but then it was out of range. I saw it again, then lost it, saw it, lost it, and finally just decided to take a wild shot, not even hoping that I captured it photographically. When I downloaded my pictures, I was stoked to discover that I actually did get it in the picture I took. What a lucky shot!

Cropped to the butterfly:



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