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Love & Loathe — 08/25/09


* That there’s only 4 months until Christmas.

* Going to the mountains, like we did this past weekend, and doing all the things we do in the mountains… visit to KMart, the Candy Shop, squirrel watching, book reading, sleeping in, hiking, visiting the shooting range (I got the best shooting score!!). Idyllic stuff. Good stuff.

* I bought these a few months ago and thought it’d be fun to use them during the summer months for our iced tea. I love how they look like we should be using them for something else.

* How fun my cubicle at work looks. I may have a “small cubicle complex”, but I get a lot of compliments on it. So I guess it is true — it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it?


* The not so good moment in the mountains when we discovered that the one store where we’d been able to buy our favorite pie has stopped carrying it. Gah! I just know I’m gonna be a hoarder because of discontinued products!

* Frisky bullet shells, such as the ones I experienced this past weekend. The most exciting one started in my cleavage and went all the way down south. I got burned in three places. First time that’s ever happened.

* Weird sleep patterns.

* Squeaky doors.

* Drama over stupid stuff.

* Clutter.

One Last Thing:

I didn’t get a very good picture of this, in fact, the picture pretty much sucks, but since I took it, I’m posting it. Mostly it’s just a reminder to me to put the question out there. So, here’s what it is… I’ve seen quite a few vehicles driving around with stickers on their back window saying things like, “In loving memory of John P. Andrews… 1978 – 2005.”

Do you think they just want to remember their loved one or do you think that’s like a portable headstone and they’re driving around with an urn in their car, belted into the passenger seat?



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