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Our Anniversary.

It’s been four years since we trekked to the mountains and then hiked a mile, with a little rock climbing thrown in at the end, to get married in the place where he proposed to me. It was a unique wedding, to say the least, and it was perfect for us.

At the time, I didn’t feel ready to be married … I was scared, I was overwhelmed, I still had healing to do, I was still carrying emotional baggage. I thought I had to be in the perfect place emotionally, physically and at the perfect time in my life — like getting on a ship. If the anchor wasn’t cast to hold things in place, and the loading ramp wasn’t lined up perfectly, then I’d end up adrift in the ocean.

But then I realized, marriage isn’t like a boat ride… in a good marriage, you aren’t tethered to shore or anchored to the bottom of the sea. Marriage is like a hike. Sometimes the path is carved out of granite and the going is dry, tough and not very pretty. Other times, there are waterfalls and shady areas that take your breath away for the sheer beauty and spirituality. When you get tired along the way, you have someone to hold your hand or cradle your head while you rest. You don’t have to be perfect to get married, you just have to be strong enough to be “weak” — willing to be vulnerable, to let him into the inner core, to let him help you heal. You should have the freedom to choose which path you take, as long as you always end up back together, facing the same direction. Facing life together, with family and friends surrounding you in love.

Marrying this man is like a little slice of heaven pie each day for me. There is so much more to him than I would have ever guessed when we first met and every day I love getting to know him just a little more. There are so many of his virtues I could extol, but I really don’t want people throwing up just because they read my anniversary post on my blog.

So, I’ll just finish by saying that when I look at couples who have been married 20+ years, I know that four years seems like a piece of sand on the beach — there’s a whole lot more sand to cover. But then I think about all we’ve done together and, boy, have we made every single piece of sand in our marriage count so far. We are really good at making memories that last.

Happy Anniversary, babe.



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