Love & Loathe — 12/22/09


* Fish freak outs. I mentioned that our little tank of guppies and tetras is infected with ick, which is a parasite that attaches itself to fish and infects their little bodies and eventually their gills and is just a terrible way for fish to die. I called my Fish Whisperer for reinforcement because we’re losing the little ones left and right.

He made an off hand comment to “make sure your big tank doesn’t get infected.” I laughed it off, because I use a smaller vacuum for the little tank and a big vacuum for the big tank. Plus, I sterilize all the tools with beyond-boiling-hot water after every tank change. But then… I realized that I had just used the small vacuum to clean my cycle tanks and did I sterilize? I don’t know, can’t remember, am sure I did, but do I want to take the risk? And what about the goldfish tank?

So, I spent a couple hours last night sterilizing all the tank tools, siphoning out and refilling the cycle tanks, changing the filters, turning the heaters up to 88Β°… GAH! GAH!! Damn parasites. *takes deep breath*


* My fish. Otherwise, all the stress I go through for them wouldn’t be worth it.

* That my mom may be arriving here this afternoon.

* Crockpot beef stew… I made some for my mom’s anticipated arrival yesterday. She can have some tonight instead. I believe there is nothing that says “I love you” after a super long trip better than homemade beef stew.

* King Leo Dark Chocolate Crunchy Peppermint Patties. I found these in the Walgreens in Iowa last week. True to form, I found something I love and, of course, they are a specialty, seasonal candy and not every Walgreens has them. Walgreens, you’ve been warned, the hunt is on.

* I spent way too much time on Sunday painting my nails like candy canes. Not perfect, but I love them.

* Our bird spent hours just hanging out and cuddling with us this past weekend.

* Squirrels eating peanuts.

* Birds on a wire. I don’t know why, but I love this. Probably wouldn’t be wise to park under them, though.

* Experiments. So, I told you I bought green bags and that so far I’ve been really impressed with them? I decided to conduct an experiment with a carrot. I put a carrot in the bag the day I bought the green bags, which was the week of 11/10/09. Yesterday I took the carrot out, it hadn’t gone soft or bendy, but when I sliced it open, here’s how it looked. It had holes in half of it. Kind of cool, huh?

One Last Thing…

I guess I could go on and on this week. I apparently have a lot of things on my mind. But I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.

We hope your holidays are blessed beyond belief.



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28 responses to “Love & Loathe — 12/22/09

  1. grrrace

    you and santa are cute together. πŸ˜€

    i like your nails. they always look great. my fingernails look awful all the time. but manicures make them look worse about a day after they’re done.

    so, did the carrots taste okay?

    whenever i see birds on a wire i think of that pixar short… of course i can’t think of the name or which movie it was with… darn it.

    i don’t even know where there’s a walgreens… are you gonna drive all over socal? hehe.

    i hope your fish recover… xoxox

    and happy holidays!

    • I love my Santa. hehe πŸ˜›

      Aww, thanks. I have to paint them once a week to keep them semi-decent. I’m such a nail gnawer, it’s annoying!

      I don’t know why but whenever I see a large group of birds on a wire I think they’re going to church and are waiting for the preacher to show up…. hehe, I’m so weird. πŸ˜›

      Walgreens — there’s one over near you. How can you not know this??? And, yes, I’ll probably end up driving all over SoCal. I mean, I checked the one in the mountains (epic fail) and the one at the base of the mountain (epic success), there are at least four of them within a 25 mile radius from me, how can I not check them?

      I hope the big tank stays healthy and that the little ones stop dying! GAH! I was going to tell Mia not to look too close in that little tank yesterday… 😳

  2. grrrace

    ps – i like your weekly quote up there. πŸ™‚

  3. tony

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! to all and to all a good night and happy new year!!!!
    Love you sweetie :mrgreen:

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Tony too!

    My fave Christmas candy treat is Cello’s chocolate covered cherries. Not that I can’t get them any time of year, but I only crave them at Christmas.

    Love the fingernails!

  5. charmed

    Awww i love you and santa, ya’ll are sooo cute πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry about the fishy freak out, been there myself. Its not fun.

    DId mom arrive yet?

    you are a brae woman for even attempting the nails.

    And Happy Merry Holidays to you πŸ™‚

    • We’ve lost all the tetras that we bought, but the guppies seem OK. Must’ve been defective tetras. 😦

      My mom arrived yesterday, thank goodness!

      Funny story about the nails, when I was a teenager I painted some intricate design on them and someone asked me how I had done that on both hands. I was all, “Why?” And they were all, “Aren’t you right-handed?” Then I realized that I shouldn’t have been able to do that on both hands. Power of suggestion, no one had told me I shouldn’t be able to do that. hehe

  6. py

    I would like to take this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas and fabulous holiday. Good health and joy to you and your loved ones. πŸ™‚

  7. Marry Christmas!
    Do you guys end up with those vertical white stripes down your backs so popular with bird owners?

    • Thanks!

      No, actually, she holds it until she gets back to her perch. It’s something she started doing when she bonded with us… and she holds it intentionally, because the second we put her back on her perch, she lets it go and then is ready to come back to our finger or shoulder.

  8. I love the Santa outfits! Merry Christmas!

  9. From my cottage to yours…Merry Christmas : )

  10. I will be praying that your Fish all recover and that your big tank is not effected by this disease…! So sorry to read this my dear…..!

    I wish you and Tony a Wonderful Christmas and I hope your Mom arrived safe and sound so you all can enjoy a Beautiful Christmas together!

    • Those poor little fish, when we go a day without any losses of them, we consider it a good day. This ick infestation is like they’re on steroids or something, we’re toeing the line of the medication killing the ick vs. killing the fish. Not fun.

      We had a great Christmas, it is nice to have my mom here. πŸ™‚

  11. Oh, and I forgot to say I think your Candy Cane Nails are so very inventive and pretty! Bravo, my dear!

  12. *huge smile* … you guys always bring about a feeling of joy when i look at your family pictures!!!! hope you are having a very very Merry Christmas!!!

  13. Merry Christmas, Jammie! Thank-you for being a real blessing in my life. I so appreciate your comments at my blog….. Drats! I missed the parade, but I hope it was great fun. Have an amazing 2010! Blessings, Debra

  14. Oh good! I didn’t miss the parade yet. Sheesh…. I was thinking it was a Christmas parade (where is my head?). πŸ™‚ But do remind me again, ok? I’d love to try to see him. Thanks for your sweet comment….. Hugs, Debra