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Over Here.

I flew out yesterday to Nebraska to visit my aunt and uncle who live in Iowa. That was a long day, but all went well. I’m thinking a travel day is a day you want to go well, yes?

They had a blizzard the day before I arrived, so everything is blanketed in white. It was beautiful when the plane was landing, the slanting sun cast long shadows from the stark trees and glinted off windows, looking for all the world like jewels from a pirate’s treasure chest.

When we landed, the pilot said it was 20*F. I looked out the window to see drifts of snow and an airport worker dressed in shorts. I immediately thought of my husband, who wasn’t able to accompany me on this trip, who wears shorts and flip-flops in the snow. I’d just arrived, hadn’t even exited the plane, and a wave of homesickness hit me full force in the stomach.

The first night away from home is always the worst for me. I expect it and mentally prepare for it. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating to experience, though.

Tonight (Friday night) was a fancy dinner. I got to dress up and look all pretty. It was a fun thing to do, to go out on the town with my aunt and uncle. One funny observation, there was an older man going around with his digital camera taking self-portraits of himself with his friends. Somehow it was funny to see that… I mean, I’m used to seeing teenage kids doing it and knowing that picture will show up on Facebook, but an elderly person? I dunno, it was just fun to see that the self-portrait thing has crossed the age boundary, I guess.

It’s really good to be here with my aunt and uncle. They are dear to me and I enjoy them very much.

I hope you have a blessed weekend, as I plan to do.



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