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Love & Loathe – 12/08/09


*Insomnia and being tired. I’m doing OK now, but it was really sucking a couple days ago. *YAWN*

* Barking dogs. I hate that *almost* as much as much as I hate coughing.


* Rain. It rained yesterday. Poured, actually. I loved every second of it.

* I particularly loved that I didn’t need to drive anywhere yesterday. I even managed to hitch a ride with my husband to the gym, so my car stayed nice and dry. I had momentary sadness for all those poor people who were likely stuck on the freeway. First real rain of the season is always a doozie, you know.

* Decorating the house for Christmas while it was raining outside. That was really nice.

* It’s cold, but sunny today. Tug came inside from being out in the cat run earlier. He smelled like winter and had a hot spot on his butt where the sun was warming him.

* Tony picked up this remote control light switch for the floor lamp I’ve had stuck in a corner in our entryway for years. The plug attached to the switch is in a weird place and that’s where the lamp had to live because of that. Now, NOW, the lamp can live ANYWHERE in our house and I just love that. It’s all about the simple things, My People. Surely you’ve figured that out by now, right?

One Last Thing:

Pictures are always good…


View from my desk…

Around the corner from me…

Nativity corner… that is one big camel, eh?

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care…

The tree…

Typically, I set this little display up at my job…

No help at all, and they were asking for a raise. As if!



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