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Love & Loathe — 12/29/09


* Time with family. It’s been nice having my mom here for this most special time of year.

* Keeping busy and going places. How on earth did I ever have time for a job?

* Driving around with family, loaded up with hot chocolate, and appreciating the Christmas decorations that so many of the neighborhoods around here put up. We really have some amazing stuff in these parts.

* Our neighbors. I wondered why, when I bought my home, I didn’t get the home in the upper part of our neighborhood and ended up with this one instead. Now I’m so glad I did. I love our neighbors.


* Getting sick. It’s been awhile and I thought the echinacea I’ve been taking this year must have helped my immune system. I mean, I missed the multiple rounds of germ infestations at work and several early rounds of family colds and flus. But this one hit me on Sunday and is going through me fast. Ugh. *snort* *cough*

* Being so tired and achy. Really, what do my shoulder and neck muscles have to do with my ears and sinuses being congested?

One Last Thing:

If you happen to watch the Rose Parade on New Year’s day, be looking for Tony on the Honda float (aka the Ship of Dreams). He’ll be on there, with his little, representing the Big Brothers of OC. I’ll be sitting in the grandstands with our parents. Exciting stuff, My People!


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