Daily Archives: December 21, 2009


We had a great time in the local mountains. Snow was there… but apparently, after my visit to Iowa where they had below 0° temperatures, I really did believe our local snow was no big deal. I forgot to bring my coat, or even a jacket or sweatshirt. What’s even funnier to me is, I didn’t even get cold while walking around the town. Tony and I were a well-matched pair, him in his shorts and flip-flops and me without a jacket.

The little fish who had ick didn’t make it through the weekend. Poor thing. I hope the other one makes it, the ick’s not as bad as the other one was, so maybe it’s got a chance.

My mom’s on her way, she made it to Japan but her flight from Japan to the states got cancelled due to “aircraft servicing.” So she’s stuck in Japan. She’s at a hotel, I assume the airline is paying for it. Thing is, I tried calling and I can’t find where she’s registered… sooooo, maybe she’ll make it here for Christmas. I sure hope so. We have plans for her.

…and… I was gonna put some pictures up of the weekend but am now feeling lazy, so how ’bout I’ll see you tomorrow for this week’s Love/Loathe list?



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