I Go On & On.

The Holidays are officially here. It’s December. Finally. Tony has been so excited. Every little new decorating thing I do, like putting our Christmas comforter on the bed and he notices and yells, “IT’S CHRISTMAS! YOU CAN’T HIDE IT FROM ME ANYMORE!!” Ahh, how I love that man.

When I was doing my fish tank changes on Friday, I got the wild hair to move the big tank. Problem was, I’d just refilled the tank when the idea arrived in my head, so I had to wait. And then realized that I’d have to put the Christmas tree up AFTER I did the tank move, because the tree needs to go in the corner that tank is vacating.

So I had to wait until today to do the tank move, for a couple of reasons… one being water cycling and the other being I was too busy yesterday.

We visited a local historical park yesterday, the same park we visited last year, if you remember. They have a one room schoolhouse, a tiny church, an adobe house, another house that’s like a farmhouse, a little library… it’s like a little bitty town and is really quaint. Every year they set up crafts for the kiddies, carolers come out and sing and Santa hangs out. It’s really cool.

Last night, we attended a Christmas party for my car club. We had a great time eating and visiting with everyone. The one thing I don’t think I’ll do again, and I forget every year, so I’m documenting it here for posterity’s sake: I don’t like participating in gift exchange/stealing games. I’m too much of a control freak and there’s too much of a chance that someone will want what I picked (if it’s cool) or won’t want what I picked (if it’s lame) and I spend all the time being stressed out about it. Last night I picked a $25 gas card and breathed in terror everytime someone got close to me! There were two other gas cards that were gifted, and those cards got stolen twice… somehow, I managed to leave without mine being stolen once. I don’t know how, but talk about being stressed out! GAH!

Anyway, I should be writing out Christmas cards or putting up the tree (now that the tank is moved), so off I go…



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  1. marigold

    It’s, like, more than a week after Thanksgiving and I don’t have your Christmas card yet.

  2. That Tony is one perceptive dude!

  3. daydreambetty

    I thought the whole point of gift exchange/stealing games is to gift things that you don’t/wouldn’t want? That’s why it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun! But I can see how you’d be stressed, a $25 gas card??? I’d growl at whoever dares to steal that from me!

    And yay, I’m a Christmas ornament!

    • Oh. But wouldn’t that be called a “White Elephant Gift Exchange” then? Because the rules always say to bring a “$___ car related gift” or a “$15 gender appropriate gift”… which would mean you have to go buy something, right? Or am I totally misinterpreting stuff?

      I love my Christmas ornament friends. πŸ˜›

  4. In answer to your question on my blog: YES. I am sick to death of all the “get sleep while you can” advice. In fact, I could write a huge rant on the things I’m sick of–(near) total strangers predicting the whats and whens of what’s going on in my womb, people telling me I’ll “give the cats the shaft” when the baby is here, people saying “Your baby will be three days late because my baby was three days late,” etc. And those are just a few that come to mind right now. I want to write a huge rant, but don’t want to hurt feelings. Maybe I’ll write something after the baby is here. I do know that the unsolicited advice will probably get worse once baby is born, though.

    Sorry to interrupt your comment thread with my own complaints, but I didn’t want to go into too much detail on my own blog!

    Thanks for being a sympathetic voice in this wilderness!


    • I thought you might be feeling that way… really, I think it’s very kind of you to be so considerate when those other people are so thoughtlessly dumb. (Oh, hey, did I just do a conundrum? Thoughtlessly dumb?)

      Yes, I think the advice gets worse, as do the dreaded judgments of strangers, like “why can’t you control that kid” type of thing. Eep. I still think one of the funniest things ever was when I was walking with a very pregnant acquaintance, someone walked by (total stranger), pointedly looked at her protruding belly and said, “Good luck with that!” Kind of rude, but so appropriate considering all the advice and judgments and stuff. hehe

      Vent anytime you want. (hugs)

    • noonie

      waves… saw you here… and Jammie… best answer to can’t you control that kid…. “Well he’s not doing anything you didn’t do when you were his age.” I’ve also done the throw myself on the floor and have my own tantrum.

      Best bit of advice my mum ever gave… hey if we were that delicate mankind would be extinct, just do what feels best.

      Oh and cats and babies.. go see Reese Dixon’s blog, I go all mushy.

    • πŸ˜† @ noonie — yes, indeedy, that is so true.

      I β™₯ my Reese. πŸ™‚

  5. tony

    Thats right it is Christmas!!!!! love you sweetie,

  6. noonie

    You MOVED the fish tank in the middle of Christmas Decorating????

    I only moved a bookcase…

    I love this time of year… my hubby hates the mess I make, but likes it when I finally put all the boxes away and declare it done.

    • I know, I’m nuts to move the fish tank. I love it now, but it severely cramped our Christmas tree’s style! I’m not moving it back now, though. So we’ll just have to deal.

      I think I’m ready to call the decorating “finished” after today. I think I’ll make the husband help me put the boxes away… I’m exhausted!

  7. I’ve never been part of that gift stealing “game” although I’ve heard of it. I do not like the concept.

  8. grrrace

    oh, look! i’m not a turkey anymore! hehe.

    i hate those gift exchange things. blurgh.

    happy holidays!!! πŸ™‚ ooh, i’m getting my card out… soon, i hope. hehe.

    • Now you’re an ornament. I was thinking of making everyone elves, but decided ornaments was fun. hehe I’m such a dork. πŸ™‚

      I *might* mail you a card based on the honor system. hehehe xo

  9. py

    Enjoy this lovely holiday time with your loved ones. πŸ™‚ I am sure you will cherish the time together.

  10. You crazy kid! I like gift exchanges but lately have been too lazy to get a gift to participate at work.

    Enjoy your holidays! We’re slowly getting in the spirit and getting things done, but it’s crazy as usual around here.

  11. grrrace

    i’m getting cards out tomorrow! promise!!! πŸ˜€ i just finished them tonight! (which is why i’m still up… it’s waaaay past my bedtime, don’t ya know? it’s tomorrow already!!!

    whoa! i’m tired! lots of exclamation points!!! hehe. ;P

    • HA! I didn’t get my cards out, I realized that I didn’t get my stamp order from the post office and they don’t really have a solution. $60 lost, thanks USPS! Blah.


  12. I’m so far behind..I don’t think there will be a Caledar this year..I just cannot seem to get to it…Oh Dear! But you always do such a spectacular job decorating your home, my dear….!