Love & Loathe — 10/13/09


* Wearing my Halloween apparel. Fuzzy “Boo” socks, scary underwear and t-shirts make for a very happy Jammie J.!

* Poached eggs for breakfast.

* Swimming laps in the rain.

* Kisses from my nephews. Completely delectable. Num, num, num.

* I got dark chocolate covered rice cakes (brought back from Ireland) in the mail from my east coast sister-in-law and persimmons from my father-in-law (Tony says I’m clearly the favorite daughter-in-law because of that!).


* How Firefox delights in crashing every few websites I open. Hello, Firefox? How about we get the crashing bug fixed?? Can I help you in any way, because I’m available for employment!

* How people in this world have become so non-responsive, which I think is incredibly rude. Is it really so difficult just to send back a two word e-mail or text message, like “Not yet…” or “Not today…” or “thank you”. Yes, silence is it’s own answer, but how did we get this way and how did it become OK?

* Ants that transported in with the persimmons. Blech. A necessary evil, but still… blech.

One Last Thing:

How I freak my husband out when he comes home from his second job… just leave a certain bottle sitting in the middle of the bathroom counter, all loud and proud like this:

What I heard was, “Uhhhh, sweetie? What is this? This isn’t funny.”

Me, “Yes, it is. That’s ALWAYS funny!”



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17 responses to “Love & Loathe — 10/13/09

  1. grrrace

    LOL. You are so evil! Poor Tony… poor, poor Tony!

    Dark chocolate rice cakes are the BESTEST EVER.

    Which kind of persimmons are they? They oblong-ish, squishy ones? Or the squatter, hard ones? mmm, num num num.

    I haven’t had any Firefox issues… I wonder what’s going on with your system…

    I hate it when people don’t respond either. It’s really annoying.

    • I know, poor Tony. *rubs hands together in anticipation* He really thinks I need to find a job soon, since I spend a good portion of my time plotting how to get him in my pants. *muwahahahaaaa*

      If he were smart, he’d keep some of those dark chocolate rice cakes by the bed and try to distract me with them. Note, I said “try”.

      Hmmm, the persimmons are round and hard. Do you want some? FIL says the trees are overloaded.

      I don’t know. I love Firefox, but lately it’s killing me over here. (Don’t let Mia read that…)

      Re: responses, I know… something, anything would be nice. I called the person I was grumping about today and she didn’t even seem to realize that she hadn’t responded to an email. But she works in a temp agency, isn’t communication her job?

  2. That is one ginormous bottle of slickey stuff.

  3. Do you have the latest version of Firefox (3.5)? I thought it was pretty stable? Try IE8. It’s actually pretty good.

    If I saw that bottle on the counter when I got home I wouldn’t be grossed, I’d take it as a hint that I might get lucky that night.

    • Firefox version 3.5.3… oddly, I think it may be having a conflict with my mouse, specifically, when I use the scroll button on it. Weird.

      HA HA!! Poor Tony is skeered I’m gonna keep him up all night…*evil laughter*

  4. Is that the gallon size bottle, already half empty?

    And what makes the underwear scary? Lots of potential there.

    • Re: the bottle, it might be half empty… maybeeeeee! 😆

      All my Halloween stuff has fun “scary” things, like ghosts, and black cats, and witches. Some of them even glow in the dark!!!

  5. grrrace

    LOL. I wouldn’t feel so sorry for Tony if he wasn’t working 2 jobs, OTHER than you. hehe.

    OOOH, I love those kinds! 😀 I wasn’t asking because I wanted you to offer them to me… but if you don’t mind parting with a couple, I’d LOVE some. No one else likes them besides me, I don’t think…

    hehehe…. I won’t tell her you said that… I’m sure she wouldn’t want you to die, either. hehe.

    People just think that their time is more important than anyone else’s and they just can’t be bothered. It’s such a pet peeve of mine… (one of many. hehe.)

    • Oh, I know … I’m a job all by myself. I can wear a man out! *tee hee*

      I’ll see if I can round you up some persimmons. Mmmm.

      Poor Mia, we do like to traumatize her, don’t we?

      I love your pet peeves…. 😛

  6. noonie

    you know Grace that came out so wrong reading quickly when tired…

    “OOOH, I love those kinds! 😀 I wasn’t asking because I wanted you to offer them to me… but if you don’t mind parting with a couple, I’d LOVE some. No one else likes them besides me, I don’t think…”

    for a second there I thought you were talking about Jammie’s undies….

    I think it’s time for bed….

  7. grrrace

    you would give me your undies? i might have to ask for them now, just cuz… ;P hehehe.

  8. charmed

    I love that bottle, it always cracks me up


  9. grrrace

    lol. sweeeeeeeet.