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Love & Loathe — 10/27/09


* After lunch with my IT friends last Friday, we went to a little bakery and I bought some tiramisu. Is this not beautiful?

Pei Yun, who authors one of the blogs I read, writes a series of posts on mashed potatoes in Singapore. I love reading them, maybe I should do a series of posts on tiramisu in Orange County. What better excuse could I possibly have to eat tiramisu everywhere I go? It’s all for the blog!

* My printer finally ran out of ink. I thought the message it gave me was hilarious. Printer health?

* Black eyed pea salsa. I bought it on a whim at Big Lots and it was the best salsa I’ve ever had. Figures it was made in Texas, huh?

*Watching my male fish try to entice the ladies. He started by clearing this circle of rocks.

When that didn’t work, he cleared another circle and then another.

I think pretty soon he’ll have the entire bottom of the tank cleared. Poor boy just wants a little fishy nooky, and doesn’t realize that he’s the wrong color. I was suspicious this would be the case, but had to try. Even though the mating thing isn’t going anywhere, he’s really happy in there establishing his dominance. I’ve read that albino males aren’t sterile, but female cichilds aren’t cooperative in mating with male counterparts who aren’t blue. I guess with cichilds the saying is, “Once you go blue…”

* The little “blup, blup” noises my fish make when they eat. I love this view of them, it’s so sweet to me.


* When I’m on the pill, I get canker sores like clock work every month. Since I’ve been off the pill for 2 1/2 years, I can count the number of canker sores I’ve had on one hand. Anyway, I bought these things to try out way back when and didn’t like them, but I’d applied one when I was going out the door and in a hurry. When I tried to eat or drink something, my teeth would catch it and just ended up making the sore bloody and worse. It’s not recommended that you try to peel them off, but I was desperate. Anyway, I figured it was just user error and would try it again in the future, maybe as an overnight treatment, since it claims to dissolve after 8 hours.

I recently got a canker sore and since I have loads of time now, I took the time to apply it for an overnight treatment. The thing didn’t dissolve in 8 hours, it still caused problems with the sore and I still didn’t like them and don’t recommend them.

I’ve tried every “cure” over the years and as far as I can tell, there’s really nothing that cures them except time. Dratted hormones.

* The emotional ups and downs of job hunting. It’s hard. Although, I have to say, it’s really nice to have had an interview and another one scheduled for tomorrow (different company than last week). All three of the people who have called have complimented my resume as “outstanding.” So at least I know if they’re not calling, it’s not me, it’s “them.”

One Last Thing:

I stopped by Hallmark a couple weeks ago to see their Halloween items that are for sale. I love the little Hallmark store I go to, their buyer brings in the best stuff and the cashier is so sweet and friendly.

I bought this thing there a couple years ago… isn’t it fun? There are buttons you can push on the side, with three recordings for each place of business.

For the Curl up & Dye salon:

“*Sound of a chainsaw*”
*Creak* “Come on in for a hair raising experience. We’ll make you boo-tiful.”
“Our special color treatment is to die for… *laugh*”

For the Apothescary:
“*scary laugh*”
“We’ll fill your prescription cheap, it’ll only cost an arm and a leg!”
“We’ve got just the thing for your coffin.”

The I Scream Shoppe:
“Sludge Ripple, Sloppy Road, Leeches & Cream … and 13 bone chilling flavors!”
“Stop in for the chill of a lifetime!”
“If you’re looking for shakes, you’ve come to the right place!”

Anyway, this year they had this fun table top Halloween tree and these darling ornaments and little jars!

Aren’t these fun? I plan to go back on my birthday (the day after Halloween) and hope for some 1/2 off sale prices. I love after-Halloween sales, don’t you?



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