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Love & Loathe — 10/13/09


* Wearing my Halloween apparel. Fuzzy “Boo” socks, scary underwear and t-shirts make for a very happy Jammie J.!

* Poached eggs for breakfast.

* Swimming laps in the rain.

* Kisses from my nephews. Completely delectable. Num, num, num.

* I got dark chocolate covered rice cakes (brought back from Ireland) in the mail from my east coast sister-in-law and persimmons from my father-in-law (Tony says I’m clearly the favorite daughter-in-law because of that!).


* How Firefox delights in crashing every few websites I open. Hello, Firefox? How about we get the crashing bug fixed?? Can I help you in any way, because I’m available for employment!

* How people in this world have become so non-responsive, which I think is incredibly rude. Is it really so difficult just to send back a two word e-mail or text message, like “Not yet…” or “Not today…” or “thank you”. Yes, silence is it’s own answer, but how did we get this way and how did it become OK?

* Ants that transported in with the persimmons. Blech. A necessary evil, but still… blech.

One Last Thing:

How I freak my husband out when he comes home from his second job… just leave a certain bottle sitting in the middle of the bathroom counter, all loud and proud like this:

What I heard was, “Uhhhh, sweetie? What is this? This isn’t funny.”

Me, “Yes, it is. That’s ALWAYS funny!”



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