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Happy Halloween!

… and since you’re here, you can go ahead and wish me an early Happy Birthday, too. My birthday is tomorrow (the 1st), All Saint’s Day, because I’m a saint. Yes, I am!

I am, too.

Don’t argue.

Since it’s my Birthday Weekend and what I love to do is swim, I swam an extra long time this morning and plan to swim an extra long time tomorrow, which is the last day my community’s pool will be heated this year. Which means it’s the last day I’ll get to swim outside this year.

Last night we watched Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin, and carved our pumpkins. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to carve, so I carved two sides of my pumpkin.

A scary skeleton hand (that was hard to do)…

And a tombstone…

Tony carved Yoda on his pumpkin. That was pretty challenging, too.

No Halloween would be complete without showing you the pet’s costumes*, now would it?

Here we have Bug, our female cat. She was taking a nice mid-morning nap before I hauled her out of her nap cave for the photo shoot. She wasn’t too thrilled, and when we were done and I put her back, a paw came swiping out at me to let me know her true feelings about the whole thing.

Next up, we have Ripper. He, too, was sleeping but was more frightened about the whole thing than he was ticked. I would be, too, I mean HELP, THERE’S A SPIDER ON HIS HEAD!!

And then Slasher, who was lounging on the couch taking a nap. He was kind of tough to get a picture of with his costume. Count Catula (like a feline version of Dracula?).

Ohhh, and then we have Tug. My little Pumpkin. Yes, that’s an adorable pose, but I think the move was more designed to rid himself of that annoying head piece than it was to be cute.

Snug is a pillow this year. HA HA! Look, twins!

Last, but certainly not least, I managed to capture our birdy, Yoda, in the act of saving the world! Never mind that her cape is made of toilet paper. She doesn’t know that!

She’s getting ready to take off and save the world! Go Super Birdy!

Happy Halloween everyone!**

*No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post, only interrupted naps… what were they doing last night, anyway?

**Happy Birthday to me (tomorrow)!!



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