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Don’t Got Nuttin’.

Soooo, here we are, beginning of October. No, wait, we’re almost MID-October. If I were at my old job, I’d be harvesting articles for the newsletter! Man, it’s hard to change my mind from that job’s routine — it became such a big part of my life. When they let me go, it’s kind of like I got on a plane and went to another time zone and can’t reset the time on my watch.

(new subject)

When I was a teenager, I was bestest-estest friends with my cousin who lived in Washington state. I loved to go visit her, and we’d stay awake way too late during those visits and giggle like the little girls we were. She loved to play the organ and we would compose the silliest songs you ever did hear. They made no sense to anyone but us.

I had a crush on her neighbor boy, but she had an actual boyfriend! I worked with kids at the community center back home, she was a lifeguard! She was beautiful, just a little more brave than me and I adored her!

I got my ears pierced the first time on one of those visits with her. She shaved her legs for the first time on one of the visits. We would try out each others shower soaps and sniff each others arms. The kind of stuff that I suppose sisters would do together, but I never had a sister and she didn’t have a sister at that time.

One time when I went up there, she and her two brothers picked me up from the bus station in their pickup truck. We drove all the way back to their house in first or second gear, laughing all the way, because the transmission wasn’t working.

When we were separated (doesn’t that sound dramatic?), we would write each other the longest letters, pages and pages, going on and on about absolutely nothing. When I wrote my letters, it was all about how long can I make nothing but silly last?

That’s kind of where I am today. I got nuttin’ new to report and I’m just trying to make the silly last.

I guess I better get to the silly. I have a to-do list I have to get workin’ on…



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