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Love & Loathe — 10/20/09


* Coupons for restaurants. We found a coupon for buy one, get one free at Denny’s. Hello date night dinner! Today, I got a coupon in the mail for buy one, get one free at Chipotle. Hello to next week’s date night dinner!

* Aquatic exercise class. Who knew? I mostly feel like a gangly, uncoordinated dork (kinda comes with the territory being 5’11” tall and all, there’s a reason gymnasts are all petite). Fortunately, most of the exercise is all underwater, so no one knows how goofy I feel but me and I’m learning some good stretches.

* This time of year. The first fire in the fireplace, cookies and hot chocolate is just so cozy. So is snuggling on the couch.

* My feetie jammies made their first appearance of the year last night. Ohhhh, I slept so good.

* The last time I purchased gas for my car was on 10/3/09.

* We have plans to spend time together this weekend, going to the sold-out U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. I bought the tickets the day they went on sale, months ago, for Tony’s birthday. The best part of this is how over-the-top excited he is about going. I really love that I gave him something to look forward to.


* Burning the skin on the roof of my mouth. The hot chocolate was definitely hot, though, in case you were wondering.

* Owners who are not conscious of “dense neighborhood” living etiquette and leave their dog outside in a 25′ x 8′ back yard all day. Oh, and it’s a lab. That’s kind of a small area for such a big dog. So the poor thing barks all day – great big WOOF-WOOFs — which is annoying, but when she starts whining, crying and snuffling at their back door like a forlorn puppy? She’s normally a good dog and that whimpering stuff breaks my heart. Here’s hoping that maybe they just sometimes forget to leave their dog door open…

One Last Thing:

I stood in line for 30 minutes today. Not for a Disneyland ride, but to pay $262 for my illegal ride in the bike lane.

I ignored the kids in front of me who talked non-stop about everything from Dancing with the Stars to the fact that they were certain there was no such thing as fresh water fish — all fish are salt water fish, they declared.

The people behind me were gonna go in front of the judge and tell him that they just couldn’t afford the ticket, so he was gonna have to reduce the fee and they still wanted to go to traffic school. Yeah, good luck with that.

I got up to the window and reached for my credit card only to discover it wasn’t in it’s pocket in my purse. (*insert scared look here*) Yikes, so I’d waited in that line for nothing? I looked at the end of the line and couldn’t see it, it was wound around through the line guides and out the door.

Coolly, I asked if they take AMEX. Nope. (Pfft, what kind of place IS this anyway?). I could go check my car, she said, and just come up to her window if I found it. On a whim, I pulled out my stack of membership cards. Oh, you know, the CVS, Hallmark, and grocery store cards? Thank God, my Mastercard was right there. Don’t’cha know, Disneyland and MC go hand-in-hand. Phew!

Soooo, now I have until February 18th, 2010, to go to traffic court online. Guess I’ll have to fit that in my busy schedule somewhere.



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It Rings!

I told my mom yesterday that I’m pretty sure my phone’s ringer doesn’t work. No one is calling me. I get text messages just fine, but no calls.

Today, just 5 minutes ago, my phone rang and a number displayed I didn’t recognize. A company! Calling off my resume!!

I cleared my throat and in my best professional voice (trying to sound as if I’m not sitting here in my feetie snowman jammies), answered, “This is Jammie J.” A nice male voice said, “Oh, sorry, I think I have the wrong number.”

Two seconds later, it rings again, same number displayed, so I answered, “Hi, I think you still have the wrong number…” This time he argued with me, “No, I’m looking for Donna. Donna Legand? Perhaps she’s a co-worker or something?”

I looked at the cat on my lap named Tug, over at the cat snoozing contentedly in his cat bed named Snug. I responded to the man, “This is my cell phone and I have no co-worker named Donna. I’m pretty sure you have the wrong number…” I almost finished with, “But if you’re looking for a kick-ass executive assistant, I can be your girl for the right price!” But I didn’t. Hard sells to wrong number callers? Really not my thing. Although in this economy, maybe it should be.

At least I know my phone rings…


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