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Love & Loathe – 06/30/09


* Arugula. When I lived in Fallbrook and had a yard big enough for a for reals garden, I used to grow the stuff and couldn’t wait until it had sprouted tall enough to eat. Now I have to buy it at the store, but I love it no less than I did before. I could happily eat plates and plates of it.

* Listening to pastor David Jeremiah in the mornings when I get ready for work. I get our little bird and we go to church together. Although she’s a little sassy, because she chirps back at him sometimes.

* Ending the day by crawling into bed with my husband. Sweet, sweet solace.


* Bills. They’re like housework. You finish them one week and the next week you’ve got more. Everybody wants money. In fact, I need to pay some of those right now.

* Being distracted by stress. So distracted that I have no idea where my Amex card went. I don’t remember using it to get gas last Friday, but I have the receipt, so I know I did. Called them, canceled it and requested a replacement card. GAH! Or, example #2, I did a fish tank change but forgot to refill my water recycle tank. *shakes head*

One Last Thing:

This plant actually belongs inside the fish tank, but I pulled it out about a month ago to clean it and then decided to see how the fish did without it because it’s a collector of tank debris.

The thing it’s sitting on is a cover Tony built to give a false top to the fish tank to keep the cats off the top of the tank. I tell you that because…

A couple weeks ago one of the cats had barfed on the couch. Yes, on the couch. Disgusting I know, particularly when you consider the irony of the fact that 95% of our home is floored with wood or tile, but the cats like to barf on porous surfaces, apparently, not wipeable surfaces. So anyway, one of the cats barfed on the couch and in that barf were pieces of that plastic plant. Which begs the question of which cat was it and how did it get up on top of that tank?


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Not Cool.

The weekend was one of mixed emotions. Happiness that I was able to spend time with a friend of mine celebrating her marriage at her delayed wedding reception on Saturday. Casual beach party, complete with a BBQ and bonfire, as well as a rousing, competitive, unscored game of volleyball… which I managed to wrench my toe while playing, but I saved the ball! My poor toe! I’m not sure if it’s sprained, fractured or broken. I tried to get an x-ray this morning, but after waiting an hour and being told there were still two people ahead of me, I left because I had things to do.

Such as attend Grace’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party today. She turned 3 on Friday, can you believe it’s been three years ago already that Mia was born? I sure can’t. Tony’d had a rough morning at his work this morning and was really looking forward to seeing Grace and her family, as was I. So it was well worth it to leave a crummy doctor’s office to see friends.

Those were the highlights.

The rest of the post is behind a password protection. If you don’t remember the password or if you’ve not ever received it, please do let me know.


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Protected: Shrugging it Off.

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Protected: Love & Loathe — 06/23/09

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Hairy Fathers.

The Father Part

First of all, if you’re a dad — Happy Father’s Day. I hope you know how blessed you are.

If you have a father’s heart but don’t have a child, I also wish you a Happy Father’s Day because I’m sure you find ways to nurture and love other living creatures in your life.


Hair Update — Week 5, No Shampoo

I’m still working on perfecting my mixtures.

My “shampoo”, the baking soda rinse (BSR), is great. I still use 1/2 cup BS in a 1 QT bottle of tap water. No changes required.

My “conditioner”, the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse, has taken some work. The current recipe is as follows:

1/3 c ACV
1/4 c Aloe Vera
2 five inch stalks of rosemary
1 QT bottle w/ tap water

Last week in my ACV rinse, I only used 4 tbsp of Aloe Vera, and that didn’t provide nearly enough moisture against the constant chlorine exposure my hair gets, which is why I upped the amount. I may increase it even more when I mix the next batch. Surprisingly, rosemary is the scent that I smell in my hair throughout the day, not the ACV.

I tried alternating the sulfate free conditioner every other cleaning, but for whatever reason, it throws off the texture of my hair and makes it feel oily and icky. I tried a different brand today and it seems much better right now… but then again, I think Sunday are my “perfect” hair day of the week.

Tonight my hair even withstood successfully the damage that a just turned one-year-old little boy can inflict. I’m really not confident that it would have done very well 5 weeks ago!

If you followed along on my Twitter updates (<——over there), you'd be in the know that we had Dinner with Shamu at Sea World San Diego on Saturday night (good food, OK show, much prefer the breakfast to the dinner) and a most enjoyable day with family today.

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable?


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Taste Test Madness.

Soooo, in my quest to find those dratted dried plums (Yes, I’m still looking for them. Yes, I know I have issues.), I headed over to an Asian market not too far from my work location and visited their dessert aisle. There were some, shall we say, “interesting” things down that aisle, not all of which were items I would necessarily consider to be of the dessert variety, or even what I would consider to be a snack.

Despite their odd definition of desserts and snacks, dried plums they did have and in several variations. So I grabbed three bags containing different types of dried plums along with a few other items that looked promising and hauled my loot out of there and back to the office.

On the way back, I ripped open the bags and tried one of each item. A random taste test while driving — good clean fun. The law states we have to use headsets while driving and we can’t text while driving, but eating while driving is still fair game, as far as I know.

When I arrived safely back at work, I made the file clerk boy try each of the items. Then I took my bag of loot over and made the IT fellow (the one I tried to play a joke on a couple weeks ago) try them.

Here’s what was in the bag:

These things were absolutely delicious. Just the perfect amount of crisp, but melted in my mouth, with a touch of sticky sweet goodness. Delectable might just be a word that I would settle on as a description for these. The boys agreed.
In fact, I think you should go buy some of these, they were that good.

I’ve had these before, they’re like gummy candy… flavored litchee and muscat. One of the boys said the muscat candy tasted like he was chewing on a plant. Whatever — they tasted fine. Besides, he’s young and his taste buds clearly aren’t fully defined.
I think you should buy some of these, too.

Next up were the dried plums. First bag wasn’t too bad but, sadly, they really weren’t what I was seeking. Same with the second bag. The third bag was deceptive. The plums weren’t spit-it-out-or-I’m-gonna-die traumatic, in fact, they started out OK, but quickly became too salty. Ick. I gave the bag to the IT fellow (which is why there’s not a picture of it), and even he didn’t much care for them. Said they had a strange aftertaste, but he was OK with eating them. Which, interpreted to guy speak probably means, “I wouldn’t go out and buy them for myself, but since they’re here and free…”

The last thing in the bag were these things.

Now, in my defense, I’ve never had roasted chestnuts. But I’ve heard The Christmas Song, I’ve sung The Christmas Song, and it seemed appropriate that I should try the subject of The Christmas Song. Maybe freshly roasted chestnuts are different from these dog food smelling variety of chestnuts, I don’t know, but I couldn’t even finish one of them. The file clerk boy took a tiny bite and declared it disgusting. The IT fellow took one look at it and his hand went from being palm-up receptive, to pushing it away denied. He emphatically declared that he wouldn’t eat anything that looked like a little disgusting poop.
He was probably the wisest of the three of us in that decision.

And that concludes our Taste Test Madness.


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Love & Loathe – 06/16/09


* The way our little birdy chirps when I cover her for the night. She sounds just like a little cricket. They are the sweetest chirps I’ve ever heard. Sometimes instead of her name, Yoda, I call her Little Grasshopper.

* How our coat closet smells, because that’swhere we store our thousands of co-mingled candles. Our coats smell like co-mingled candles. It’s a good smell.

* Our dishwasher. I enjoy washing dishes by hand on occasion, but I marvel at how clean all of the dishes get in the dishwasher, no matter where I stack ’em in there. Even way back there turned to the side, it still finds it and gets it clean. It really is an amazing invention.


*When people put ads on my car — under my windshield wipers or tucked into the weather stripping on my side window. The rule is simple: Don’t touch my car.

*Sometimes I think “adults” are really just a bunch of people with grade school maturity levels minus the youthful “cute” to distract from our juvenile behavior. We just wield bigger, more expensive toys, larger vocabularies and more emotional baggage.


One Last Thing:

One day a couple weeks ago, I returned to work from my lunch errands early and decided to sit in my car in the parking lot and read my mail. One of my co-workers pulled up and parked next to me and made a couple smarty remarks and as he opened his door, it accidentally swung open too far and it hit my car. It hit hard enough that it made my car bounce a little bit and it sounded terrible. I cringed, expecting a dent. He cringed as well and leaned over to inspect where it had hit and said in a wondrous voice, “There’s no dent!”

I inspected it when I went inside and he was correct, there was no dent.

Over the seven years that I’ve owned my car, it seems that as small as it is, people go out of their way to park too close, even to “share” my parking spot with me because my car clearly doesn’t need the entire spot its parked in. Or at least that’s what their parking style tells me. As a result, my car has suffered numerous door dents down its sides and I’ve spent at least $200 on dent removal services. All this time I just figured my car was easily dentable. But now, not anymore. Because as hard as my co-worker’s car door hit my car (I felt it!), the people who actually left dents in my car must have just beat the crap out of it.

People really can be something else, can’t they?


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