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Another Crazy Hair!!

I should be ashamed of this.  I really should.  But, no one ever had a better laugh about aging than me.  Especially when it’s over such a harmless thing.  My People, I am here to tell you that I have ANOTHER Crazy Hair.  What’s that?  You don’t remember the original Crazy Hair?  You go refresh your memory right now!  I’ll wait.

OK.  You’re back.  Yes, I still have the original Crazy Hair.  Yes, I still torture Tony with it.  He’ll be holding hands with me while we’re driving down the road and pretty soon, I’ve managed to stealthily move his hand so it’s scarily within proximity of the Crazy Hair.  His horrified response is well worth the day or so that he needs to recuperate from that fun!

Now, though, I have another one.  I was looking in my 10x magnifying mirror the other day.  The kind of mirror I strongly recommend against having in your house, because you will find all sorts of horrifying things on your face that you would have been better off not knowing about.  Like, for example, a black hair that sprouted seemingly out of nowhere along my strongly chiseled  slightly sagging, aging jawline.  I noticed it a couple months ago, and like any good person who’s in denial of the aging process, I plucked that sucker right out of there.  It kind of stung when I did it, actually, so, I figured I was successful in removing its established roots.  That theory didn’t work so well.  It showed up again a couple weeks later.  Plucked.  Grew. Plucked. Grew.  Of course it did.  I’m getting old!  That means my ears and nose are getting bigger and I’m growing stiff (ha ha, stiff), I mean, COARSE, black hair in random places!

I’m debating the best way to work this new Crazy Hair into my marital scaring routine.  I mean, we have the original Crazy Hair.  We have the faux air humping routine.  Now I have this?  Could our married life possibly get anymore adventurous??

air humper copy


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All About Hair!

Has it really been over a year since I talked about my hair? A whole year since I had eight — EIGHT — inches chopped off? Wow. Well, the eight inches haven’t grown back yet. But my hair is *almost* the length it was two years ago… albeit maybe a little thinner. Compare for yourself.

Two years ago, April 2011.
myhair april 2011

This past weekend, May 2013.
myhair may2013

I have a confession. I took a break from the no poo regiment for a few months after William was born. I read that using a baking soda cleanser can exacerbate post-partum hair loss, so I found a shampoo and conditioner that worked wonders for my poor, chlorine damaged hair. Aveeno to the rescue for the interim — LINK. I’m pleased to report that around December 2012 I started back up with my no poo regiment, so about a week ago I had to take the time to mix up a batch of my baking soda cleanser and apple cider vinegar rinse and now we’re back in business and LOVING it.

In the event you don’t want to scour my archives, here are the recipes I use for my baking soda cleanser and apple cider vinegar rinse.

Baking Soda Cleanser:
32 oz. tap water. Bring it to a boil (we have hard water), turn heat off. Add 1/2 c baking soda. Allow to cool and then fill up squeeze bottle.
Use on roots of hair only.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:
1/2 c aloe vera juice
1/4 c apple cider vinegar
10′ stalk of rosemary
Fill remainder of bottle with tap water
Use on length of hair.

Also, I can’t believe it’s been FOUR years since I started doing the no poo thing. Now that is craziness.


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Soul blessings.

Last Saturday I went to my favorite hairstylist for a hair cut. It had been several months since I’d gone, and over a year since I’d seen her. She went on medical leave last March and had surgery to remove part of her intestines where a cancerous tumor had grown. Needless to say, we greeted each other with a hug and warm words.

In that time, my hair has endured continuous chlorine damage and hormonal changes due to pregnancy and birth. Also, my hair was getting tucked into my waistband on a regular basis and since it was classic length (halfway of the body) it was also a bit disconcerting to have it end up in weird places when I showered.

We negotiated, as we always do when she cuts my hair and we decided to cut it so it was waist length, which equaled a cut of eight inches. When I started growing my hair 15 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have 8 inches of hair to cut off and still have some left over. Sadly, it was so scraggly that it wasn’t worth donating to any cause except my own. My own “cause” is to show William when he’s older and lay guilt on him by telling him that this, THIS is what he did to his to his momma!

As she snipped off my hair, I met her eyes in the mirror and said, “This is such a bummer.” She paused, and said with a soft smile, “Yes, but it could be so much worse… and you have a beautiful baby boy to show for it.” I nodded. It could be much worse, this I know. I know what she’s been through this past year. But I also know that the alternative, for me, is that I wouldn’t have William… which just isn’t an alternative.

When I finished and paid, I sent Tony a text message that I was done. He had been walking through the pet store with William, showing him the fish tanks — which William is entranced by. Tony walked across the parking lot, William in his arms. For me it was like looking at my dreams come true.

William was handed over without hesitation to my hair stylist. She enfolded him in her arms and closed her eyes, inhaling the babyness of him. As for William, he snuggled into her neck as if he understood her need. I said softly, “He is good for the soul…”

Her eyes still closed, she replied, “Yes, he is.”

…and do you know? It still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s finally here.


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Hair Update.

It was recently brought to my attention by one of my dear friends that I haven’t posted an update lately on the state of my hair. She asked how long my hair is now, and I realized that the last update I posted was a year ago in February.

The short answer on my quest to eventually look like Cousin Itt, is that my hair now falls smack-dab to mid-butt. The longer it is, the less you see of me AND it’s a great distraction from the aging body parts I’m gradually acquiring as time passes. Ha.

I desperately need a trim, but when i called to schedule an appointment with the lady who I trust implicitly with these fine strands, I learned that she was having surgery on March 21st and will be off from work until September of this year. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do between now and then, except pray that she recovers very, very swiftly!

For comparison, time lapse pictures:

February 18, 2010:

July 5, 2009:

June 11, 2009:

August 14, 2008:

Also, my no-shampoo regiment hasn’t changed one bit since then, I still use baking soda mixed with water to clean my scalp and apple cider vinegar mixed with water, aloe vera juice and rosemary for clarification of the length (removal of chlorine). I have no intention of ever going back to using shampoo again. I love the pooless way far too much!


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Love & Loathe — 07/01/10


* Procrastination or laziness. Not sure which. I have a post written summarizing the remaining birthday parties for June that we attended. But I need to add pictures and that takes extra time. So it’s easier for me to gripe about the extra time it takes than to actually take the time to do it. How’s that for a politician’s way of saying I need to do something but haven’t?

* Moths. I have one flying around and bonking itself on my monitor right now. I don’t want to smoosh it, because moths are messy when you kill them. Stupid moths. Stop flying to the light!


* This week has been infinitely easier on me as far as work hours go. And, so far, the bond forged between the people who participated in the long hours last week has held. I really love that.

* Red grapes. My favorite. I just don’t understand you people who prefer green grapes. I mean, green grapes are alright if red grapes aren’t around. But red grapes? They’re sweet, they’re red — almost purple. And grapes are supposed to be purpleish.

* Getting into the pool after a particularly warm day. In fact, I start anticipating my end-of-day swim around 2 in the afternoon. Go ahead. Text me some afternoon and ask me what I’m thinking about… chances are, my response will be “swimming!”

* I fixed my irrigation timer and cleaned up/refreshed the plants in my back yard last weekend. I love my pretty plants.

One Last Thing:

I find it interesting that the number one search that lands people on my blog is “no poo story.” This refers to the fact that I no longer use shampoo to clean my hair, not that I never poo anymore. The former is true, the latter is untrue.

It’s fascinating to me, because people are either interested in going no poo, or are at least interested in finding out more about it. Of course, I think everyone should go no poo just because I love it so much.

I’d show you a picture of my freshly washed, no poo hair, but… well, you know, pictures take extra time and I need my beauty sleep.


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Love & Loathe — 02/18/10


* Junk mail. Since I’m getting old and persnickety, I simply don’t have the tolerance or fascination for all the catalogs and crap that companies send out. I used to make phone calls and request being discontinued, but nowadays, that’s no longer effective. So, I’ve resorted to ripping off the back page of the catalog (or whatever shows my address), sticking it in an envelope and mailing it back to them with “REMOVE FROM YOUR MAILINGS” written across in big, red letters. It really makes me happy if they’ve included a postage pre-paid envelope.

* Bill collectors. Especially the ones from Chase. Even moreso because they’re trying to collect a debt from someone named “Neil or Christine Trudeau” and I’ve advised them that I am “Jammie” and have been “Jammie” my whole life and there is no one at my number by the name of Neil or Christine and to please stop calling. I’ve been nice to them, I’ve tried being grumpy, I’ve tried sending them to my fax machine. I’ve called Chase back and told them the story, I’ve talked to every department possible, including their legal department, all to no avail. I now call them “my boyfriend” because I talk to them more than I talk to my husband during the day. Seriously, 4-6 times a day is the normal number of times they call me — every single day. At least my phone skills are staying up to date!


* My husband. He has been and continues to be one of the biggest rocks in my life. No matter what scary path my life takes me on, he is intuitively supportive and a great communicator. I respect him and cannot even begin to put into words how much I love him. I know I’m being mushy, but it’s Valentine’s week, so I’m entitled.

* I have an interview next week with a company that would totally kick ass in the “cool” department and would look great on my resume if I land it. The phone interviews have gone well, and it’s everything I’m looking for in my next position… except for the pay. It’s half of what I was making before (ouch!!), but we all know, jobs these days seem to be an endangered species.

* Organizing. Gosh, do I love organizing things and things are never organized enough, so I’m always tinkering in my brain with ways to organize things even better. Problem is, the external processing of my internal genius oftentimes looks messier than I like.

* Our neighbor’s little girl gave us a little bag of candy for Valentine’s Day. GAH! Be still my heart from the cuteness of it! I don’t remember if I ever told you the story about how she came over with her dad and didn’t want to leave (about a year ago)? He finally left her here after we told him it was OK with us, and then checked on her a bit later, and she STILL didn’t want to leave. She was pretty low maintenance, actually, just wanted crackers and toys. hehe

* We’re going to the mountains this weekend. A quick trip, but still, I always look forward to that.

* Showers. Never undervalue the pleasure of simple things, and I do love my showers. Nice hot water with good smelling soap? 10 minutes of pure bliss.

One Last Thing:

I realized it’s been awhile since I wrote a hair (no shampoo) update. It has, as of yesterday, been 9 months since I stopped using shampoo. Instead, I use a mixture of baking soda/water which I rub into my scalp, when needed, and then rinse it completely out. If I’m swimming daily, I’ve found that I only need to use the baking soda/water mixture every 4-5 days. If I’m not swimming daily, it takes about 2 days before the grease starts to bug me.

For a “conditioner,” I use a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, aloe vera juice and a stalk of rosemary. This mixture acts as a clarifier, removing the chlorine from all the swimming I do. I use this mixture immediately after I get out of the pool.

Occasionally, if the tangles get out of control, I use L’oreal’s sulfate free conditioner.

This process is now just as normal to me as using shampoo was for years and years. Although, apparently airline security didn’t feel it was normal at all. They inspected my luggage, and opened the two bottles when I traveled in January. I know this because they didn’t securely close the top on the baking soda/water bottle. Thankfully, they did return it to the plastic bag I had it in, so it only leaked a little onto my packed clothing.

9 months, no shampoo:


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In the Air.

Someone’s Birthday

I can’t believe it’s August already. Tony’s 36th birthday is tomorrow (the 17th). We met when he was 28, he’ll be 36 tomorrow. Makes a person wonder where the time goes, doesn’t it?

This man makes me laugh so hard. We had date night on Friday, and went to our local Red Robin for dinner. As we sat there eating, one of us decided it would be entertaining to do body builder postures. And so, there we sat, with every bite of food we took, posturing to flex our biceps or quadriceps or neck muscles or whatever sitting pose we could invent to flex a muscle. “Hey look! Our car is that way!” Flexing a bicep to point repeatedly. “Oh yeah, well this chicken wrap is the best I’ve ever eaten!” Overflexing chest muscles to pick up a green burrito looking thing. On and on it went. We were laughing so hard we nearly had tears running down our faces. The waitress must have thought we were insane but, I’m telling you, it was the funniest dinner I’ve ever eaten.

Happy Birthday, babe!

No Shampoo, etc., Week 13.

May 17th was the last day I used shampoo — that was 13 weeks ago. Hard to believe, but it’s not really any big deal anymore. In fact, I’m slowly but steadily whittling away the inventory of shampoo by using them as a post-swim body wash. Outright discarding them seems wasteful. I have no plans to ever use shampoo to clean my hair again.

I use my baking soda/water rinse every 2 to 3 days, as needed, and my recipe for that concoction has never changed.

We have really hard water, so I boil 32 oz. of tap water, turn the heat off and add 1/2 c baking soda. I then wait until it cools and pour into a squeeze bottle. I use only on my scalp while showering. For soft water, you would just add the baking soda to the water without boiling and shake.

I’ve finalized my apple cider vinegar rinse recipe, and it’s now fine-tuned to what my hair needs — I use this every day, since I swim every day. I add 1 c aloe vera juice, 1/4 c apple cider vinegar, a 10″ stalk of fresh rosemary and fill the rest of the 32 oz. bottle with tap water. As I mentioned, I use this every day and I use it on the entire length of my hair. Takes about a cup per use.

I’ve completely stopped using Scalpicin, I don’t need it anymore. My scalp is healthy with no inflammation or itching. Occasionally, due to a preference for lovely smells, I’ll use a small bit of sulfate free conditioner or a small bit of sulfate free oil. Loreal has a wonderful line of products that I love.

In addition, I keep a small plastic container by my sink of baking soda. This I make a paste of when rinsing my face. It makes a great makeup remover and exfoliates my skin.

Here’s a picture from last week, after my hair cut:

Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t be able to tell…

Anybody but me feeling the change of the seasons? There’s something in the air, isn’t there? The smell of autumn, a little bit of a chill at night that wasn’t there a week ago? Hmmm.


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