Love & Loathe — 06/09/09


* Getting a great deal on meat. Beef Round Cut for $1.99/lb. Regular price was $3.99/lb. Perfect for making beef stew in the crockpot.

*Beef stew in the crockpot — you didn’t see that one coming, did you?

* Summer fruits — watermelon, blueberries, cherries. Anyone else but me seeing a food theme here?

* Coming home on my lunch hour. Enjoying the heck out of that while I still can.

* My sweetie, who makes me happy.


* Worrying about things. I know full well that worry never fixes things and, in fact, it often makes things worse. So, why can I not turn it off sometimes?

* Lack of sleep from worrying about things.

* Being tired from lack of sleep.

One Last Thing:
With as crazy as things have been at work for me lately, I sometimes feel as if I don't stop going until I fall into bed at night. I use the word “night” loosely, because it always seems to be around 1 AM that I actually lay my head on the pillow. Then to lay there and worry about stuff, I still feel as if I'm running mentally because I didn't have time to process things intellectually during the day.

I just want to tell you that seeing that you guys have visited here, choosing to interact with me in the comments, those are little happy darts for me during the day. You guys mean so much to me.

So, just… thank you for being here. It means a lot.

Oh, and today is my brother’s birthday — I’m sending him Happy Birthday wishes in a prayer and happy thoughts, since we don’t talk. Someday he’ll know I never forgot.



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10 responses to “Love & Loathe — 06/09/09

  1. Caryl

    Love you,


    ~Jammie J.

  2. Mmmm, watermelon!!! I bought some the other day and it was sooo good!

    Sorry you can’t sleep. 😦 I will pray that those worries of yours settle down when they should.

    In season fruit is just the best thing ever. I’ve purchased watermelon in the off season exactly once. It was horrible. Tasteless and the rind was way-hay too thick.

    Thanks for the prayers, I need them. I’m not feeling very good these days.

    ~Jammie J.

  3. tony

    You make me happy too sweetie pie, nananana, XOXOXOXOX love you sooooooo much


    ~Jammie J.

  4. Food is always good.

    Know what you mean about worrying. It’s hard to let some things go.

    Happy Birthday to your Bro!

    Yeah, food is good. Sadly, the worry is affecting my appetite… 😦 but fruit is scentless, so I can eat that. πŸ™‚

    ~Jammie J.

  5. grrrace

    i love food, too πŸ˜€ hehe.

    your brother’s bday is just one day later than my brother’s… well, one day later and a few years before. but you know what i mean. hehe.

    sorry you’re so worried about stuff. xoxox

    I know, isn’t that weird about our brothers?

    I β™₯ you today.
    ~Jammie J.

  6. Hmmm, where to start? So many subjects. Okay, I’ll try numbers:
    1) Chuck roast or chuck steak makes the best stew.

    2) On the sleep, I have a new thing: when you lie down get into the tactile sense of your face on the pillow and your body on the sheets and say to yourself, “oooh this is nice and cozy.” It puts me out in seconds. And if your stuff is actually not cozy? change it. make it so.

    3) From the last post on the baking soda thing: Don’t boil the water. That just makes it harder. You’re reducing it down to the minerals. I would use the filtered water from your fridge and have your big strong husband shake the heck out of it.

    4) as for us being here, speaking for myself, I’m not going anywhere. I think you’re awesome and next time you will also get a hotdog.

    1. Really? I’ve always just used what’s on sale. I figured once it’s done in the crock pot, it all gets melty-tender.
    2. My stuff is cozy. I β™₯ my bed and pillow. My brain is on the fritz these days. I need to balance my home life and job life and stop dragging job life into the home. I know I need to do that. (sigh)
    3. Ohhhh, OK — thanks for the tip!
    4. You are adorable. You make me smile. πŸ™‚
    ~Jammie J.

  7. Love coming here to catch up on your daily goings on . That makes me happy : )

    Posted my settee for you to see : )

    Yay! I make you happy and you make me happy! πŸ˜€
    ~Jammie J.

  8. I send you Big Hugs Jammie….It is always a pleasure to come and visit you…..
    You are so right about “worrying”…it truly does no good at all and is a terrible waste of energy….Now, the question is—How do we all stop doing that??
    I think if you can distract yourself with watching a movie or somethig like that…then…you might just drift off….and get to sleep without worrying….maybe. (lol)

    Gah! I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. On Thursday night, when I was feeling particularly yucky, I went around to blogs and reached out, tried to leave really thoughtful comments. It helped me feel better to be involved in someone else’s life, even if it was via the Internet. πŸ™‚
    Reading books have helped, too. An author who enthralls you (Jodi Picoult for me). πŸ™‚
    ~Jammie J.

  9. So, I’m not the only one with sleep problems. Not that I’m happy about that for you, but it makes me not feel so alone in my sleeplessness.

    Nope, you’re not alone in your sleeplessness. Too bad we’re not in Seattle. :p
    ~Jammie J.

  10. grrrace

    i *heart* you every day πŸ˜€ hehe.

    I take my β™₯ one day at a time. πŸ˜›
    (Remember, I have commitaphobia…)

    ~Jammie J.