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Love & Loathe — 060209, 1 day late, but I found the dollar.


* Finding a dollar bill in my jeans pocket that I forgot I put in there. Money launders well, and I suppose they call that money laundering?

* Funky weather. Even though it’s jacking up my sinuses, I love weird weather. We had thunder this morning and sprinkling today. That was fun.

* Swimming in the rain.

* Having healthy fish. I have not taken for granted a single day of their health since I declared them healthy just before Thanksgiving last year. I thought I would mention this because that whole fish dying thing started right around this time last year. I hope I’m not jinxing their health by saying that.

* My gardenia tree is still blooming up a storm — every branch has two or three flowers. It’s quite ridiculous. I bring four flowers into work every other day… two for me, one for my boss and one for my friend. Even with that, I can’t keep up with it, the little tree just keeps churning them out!


* Forgetting to take my spare battery for my camera OUT of my pocket. Then not remembering which pair of jeans or shorts I was wearing when I changed the battery. GAH! But so grateful I hadn’t run it through the wash.

* Weird vibes and undercurrents. (sigh) Sometimes I wish I didn’t have that ultra-sensitive mood sensor intuition radar thing that’s part of my personality. Being an “NF” sucks sometimes.

* More with the gapped-tooth models. I’d post more pictures, but she wore the same exact expression in them all, so what’s the point? I mean, maybe if she was actually smiling it would have distracted from that vacuous vampiress look.

Different model, different company than I wrote about before. Yes, I know (again) this is terribly superficial of me, but really? How am I supposed to enjoy browsing catalogs when they heavily use the one model who has a gap in her front teeth? Even putting her on the cover of their 25th Anniversary catalog! Is she a bargain model? Is the economy THAT bad? It’s like going to bed at night with the closet door open. It’s the only thing I see, the only thing I think of. No, I don’t obsess much.

* Acne.



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