Not Cool.

The weekend was one of mixed emotions. Happiness that I was able to spend time with a friend of mine celebrating her marriage at her delayed wedding reception on Saturday. Casual beach party, complete with a BBQ and bonfire, as well as a rousing, competitive, unscored game of volleyball… which I managed to wrench my toe while playing, but I saved the ball! My poor toe! I’m not sure if it’s sprained, fractured or broken. I tried to get an x-ray this morning, but after waiting an hour and being told there were still two people ahead of me, I left because I had things to do.

Such as attend Grace’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party today. She turned 3 on Friday, can you believe it’s been three years ago already that Mia was born? I sure can’t. Tony’d had a rough morning at his work this morning and was really looking forward to seeing Grace and her family, as was I. So it was well worth it to leave a crummy doctor’s office to see friends.

Those were the highlights.

The rest of the post is behind a password protection. If you don’t remember the password or if you’ve not ever received it, please do let me know.



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3 responses to “Not Cool.

  1. noonie

    pretty please can I have the password, I think you sent it me ages ago….

    It’s a different password these days…

    ~Jammie J.

  2. noonie

    stupid me… am sending email…. its hot here my braincells aren’t operating at their full potential….

    No worries, emails and comments go to the same place. 🙂

    ~Jammie J.

  3. Oh, poop. I deleted your password e-mail last week while cleaning out my inbox. Figured I wouldn’t need it anymore since you’re no longer password protected. Would you mind sending it to me again? Thank ‘ee!

    Did you ever find out whether your toe was broken or not?

    I’ll email you. My toe is sprained, thank goodness, not fractured or broken. That was good news.

    ~Jammie J.