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Love & Loathe – 06/30/09


* Arugula. When I lived in Fallbrook and had a yard big enough for a for reals garden, I used to grow the stuff and couldn’t wait until it had sprouted tall enough to eat. Now I have to buy it at the store, but I love it no less than I did before. I could happily eat plates and plates of it.

* Listening to pastor David Jeremiah in the mornings when I get ready for work. I get our little bird and we go to church together. Although she’s a little sassy, because she chirps back at him sometimes.

* Ending the day by crawling into bed with my husband. Sweet, sweet solace.


* Bills. They’re like housework. You finish them one week and the next week you’ve got more. Everybody wants money. In fact, I need to pay some of those right now.

* Being distracted by stress. So distracted that I have no idea where my Amex card went. I don’t remember using it to get gas last Friday, but I have the receipt, so I know I did. Called them, canceled it and requested a replacement card. GAH! Or, example #2, I did a fish tank change but forgot to refill my water recycle tank. *shakes head*

One Last Thing:

This plant actually belongs inside the fish tank, but I pulled it out about a month ago to clean it and then decided to see how the fish did without it because it’s a collector of tank debris.

The thing it’s sitting on is a cover Tony built to give a false top to the fish tank to keep the cats off the top of the tank. I tell you that because…

A couple weeks ago one of the cats had barfed on the couch. Yes, on the couch. Disgusting I know, particularly when you consider the irony of the fact that 95% of our home is floored with wood or tile, but the cats like to barf on porous surfaces, apparently, not wipeable surfaces. So anyway, one of the cats barfed on the couch and in that barf were pieces of that plastic plant. Which begs the question of which cat was it and how did it get up on top of that tank?



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