Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

Not Cool.

The weekend was one of mixed emotions. Happiness that I was able to spend time with a friend of mine celebrating her marriage at her delayed wedding reception on Saturday. Casual beach party, complete with a BBQ and bonfire, as well as a rousing, competitive, unscored game of volleyball… which I managed to wrench my toe while playing, but I saved the ball! My poor toe! I’m not sure if it’s sprained, fractured or broken. I tried to get an x-ray this morning, but after waiting an hour and being told there were still two people ahead of me, I left because I had things to do.

Such as attend Grace’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party today. She turned 3 on Friday, can you believe it’s been three years ago already that Mia was born? I sure can’t. Tony’d had a rough morning at his work this morning and was really looking forward to seeing Grace and her family, as was I. So it was well worth it to leave a crummy doctor’s office to see friends.

Those were the highlights.

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