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Memorial Day Weekend (2013)

Last Friday evening, we left for Tony’s family mountain cabin. The usual strategy is to go through the bedtime routine, and then instead of nursing William in his room, I nurse him in the car.  Instead of falling asleep while nursing, he gets transferred into his car seat after nursing and then we drive off into the night while white noise plays over the speakers and I hold his hand.

It all went according to plan, and William was fine when we left.  He fell asleep in the car quietly holding my hand. We made good time going up the mountain and, bonus, I even got a bit of a snooze in.  When we arrived, William was in a deep sleep, so I carried him in and did a dream nursing session and then put him into the Pack N Play.  At 2:30 am I heard him softly talking to himself, not crying, just intermittently talking to himself. I checked the video monitor (yes, we travel with that thing), and he was lying on his back examining his fingers. I got up with the intent to nurse him back to sleep, even though he wasn’t crying. When I picked him up, he was burning with fever. He was so hot it felt like he was on fire. His temp was 102.9. Shocked, I woke Tony, we gave him Advil and changed his diaper and his jammies, and I nursed him and, then, thanks to having read that skin-to-skin is a body temp regulator, I held him close for 2 hours, nursing him off and on, until his fever started to go down.

We continued to treat his fever throughout the weekend, stacking Advil & Tylenol. His temp was normal on Monday, but Monday evening a cough developed and he started sneezing repeatedly, and he started running a low grade fever again. His appetite was good Saturday morning, but declined the rest of the weekend until the only thing he wanted to do is nurse and eat Mum-Mums. He spotted bananas, asked for some, and then sadly handed it back to me after he licked it… I guess it just didn’t taste good.

I took him to the doctor on Tuesday morning.  His ears, nose, throat, lungs were checked and given the “All Clear!”  The doctor said it’s viral. Said we should expect the cough to last 2 weeks, expect the fever to last 2-3 more days.  Doctor said to try chicken noodle soup.  I made turkey dinner in the crock pot instead, and William (all of us, actually) ate like it was Thanksgiving in May.  We love turkey!  Turkey for EVERYONE!

Oh, and other fun details? I forgot the cord to the monitor, so we had the camera, and then were turning the monitor off and on to preserve battery life. Great timing to forget the cord, huh?  Instead of staying the entire weekend, we left the cabin early, driving home on Sunday because William was so unhappy. On the drive home, the bolt fell out of the brake caliper on the driver’s side, so we had to wait 1.5 hours for AAA to send a flatbed trailer with an extended cab which could fit an infant seat so we could get home. Thankfully, remarkably, William napped through nearly the entire wait (He actually took 2 naps on Sunday for the first time since he was 10.5 months old). We took the less steep way home, giving elevation change consideration to William’s ears. If we had gone the steeper way, the brake issue would have been made known going down the mountain instead of the flats at the bottom (Tony uses the transmission to slow the descent when we go the back way.) And, miraculously, no damage was caused by the caliper, Tony just needs to replace the bolt.

I talked to our neighbor lady and her theory is that, if a little one isn’t feeling well (teething, etc.), then elevation changes can exacerbate things and cause higher fevers than normal in little ones because their Eustachian tubes aren’t yet fully developed.  All four of William’s canine teeth are breaking through his gums right now, so maybe she’s on to something. Who knows?

After relaying the story to my mom, she said, “I really hope you journaled about this adventure, because the whole story is kind of nuts!”  That just about sums it up nicely.  A nutty adventure with some sweet moments mixed in.

Pictures from the weekend can be found here:  LINK


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Chick-Fil-A Military Appreciation.

Last night, Chick-Fil-A sponsored a military appreciation event for all military personnel, active or retired, in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day.    Whoever planned this event for Chick-Fil-A did an amazing job coordinating all the aspects so that a good time was had by all.

Little known fact, Tony served a long, long time ago in the reserves.  Although he claims not to have enjoyed it, he tells fond stories about boot camp and the time he spent serving. We’ll just call this a conundrum.  Anyway, because Tony served, we were able to participate in this Chick-Fil-A event.  SO, THANK YOU FOR SERVING IN THE RESERVES, TONY!!!

Walking across the parking lot, William started cracking up just SEEING all the kids playing.  He loved watching the kids run and jump on the enormous bouncy slide/obstacle course.  I have a video and I *think* William is actually jumping, with his feet off the ground,  jumping.  Supposedly this is a milestone that he should reach by the age of 2-ish?  Whatever.  It is safe to say that William was uber excited about the whole thing.

Chick-Fil-A comped our meal, in its entirety.  Summary: The food was delicious, we didn’t win any raffle prices, William grinned at the lady at the table next to us and laughed at the kids.  All in all, it made for a fun evening out!

Funny story:  A couple weeks ago, we went to Chick-Fil-A and for the first time William had apple sauce in a pouch.  He loves apple sauce and is actually good enough with the spoon that he can feed it to himself, but the pouch was a special treat.  The next time we went through Walmart, he spotted the pouches and got excited about them.  So I thought, hey, he has never liked sweet potatoes, but maybe he likes pouches enough that he’ll eat the sweet potatoes from a pouch.  You know where this story is going, huh?  So, I went ahead and bought him a sweet potato pouch. He was so excited to have  it!  He begged me to open it.  So I unscrewed it and let him taste it in the store and then left him with Tony while I went and tried on some shorts.  He apparently tasted it a couple of times, and then proceeded to squeeze the rest of it all over the shopping cart.

Moral of the story: Pouches should ONLY contain apple sauce.



More pictures:  LINK


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Weekends are the Best.

There really isn’t much more to add to that title, except that it seems that weekends just keep getting sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.  This past weekend, we had been planning to go out of town but I canceled at the last minute just because I was feeling a little overwhelmed by life.  So, we stayed home.  I’m glad we did, because while it would have been fun to get away, but there’s so much preparation and strategy involved.

We stayed close to home, instead, and visited the Irvine Spectrum.  They have a ferris wheel and a train that we’ve been meaning to ride.  We also visited the splash pad, and having our own kid was great, because we didn’t look like a couple of creepsters.



After a meal at Ruby’s Diner… holding his tummy.


The next day, I spent some time out in our back yard cleaning up my plants, getting rid of some of the pots that have rotted from sun exposure, rescuing and repotting some plants, trimming back others, pulling weeds (who knew that potted plants get weeds, too).  Sometimes I just have to stand there, turn around a few times, walk to that corner, walk back to the middle, and wait for a vision to come together in my head.  Or as my former boss used to simply say, “I’m thinking.”

After I figured out what I wanted to do, then I let my little helper come out and assist me.  I was worried that he would come out and rip up all the plants, or start digging the dirt out of the pot, but all he wanted to do was swing the fairy, play with the pinwheels and clang the “Cat Crossing” sign on the ground so I would say, “YIKES!” and he would laugh.  Oh, this sweet child of ours.  I am constantly blessed by his sweet, laughing spirit.

little helper

clanging cat sign

Thank you, God, for this sweet blessing.



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All About Hair!

Has it really been over a year since I talked about my hair? A whole year since I had eight — EIGHT — inches chopped off? Wow. Well, the eight inches haven’t grown back yet. But my hair is *almost* the length it was two years ago… albeit maybe a little thinner. Compare for yourself.

Two years ago, April 2011.
myhair april 2011

This past weekend, May 2013.
myhair may2013

I have a confession. I took a break from the no poo regiment for a few months after William was born. I read that using a baking soda cleanser can exacerbate post-partum hair loss, so I found a shampoo and conditioner that worked wonders for my poor, chlorine damaged hair. Aveeno to the rescue for the interim — LINK. I’m pleased to report that around December 2012 I started back up with my no poo regiment, so about a week ago I had to take the time to mix up a batch of my baking soda cleanser and apple cider vinegar rinse and now we’re back in business and LOVING it.

In the event you don’t want to scour my archives, here are the recipes I use for my baking soda cleanser and apple cider vinegar rinse.

Baking Soda Cleanser:
32 oz. tap water. Bring it to a boil (we have hard water), turn heat off. Add 1/2 c baking soda. Allow to cool and then fill up squeeze bottle.
Use on roots of hair only.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:
1/2 c aloe vera juice
1/4 c apple cider vinegar
10′ stalk of rosemary
Fill remainder of bottle with tap water
Use on length of hair.

Also, I can’t believe it’s been FOUR years since I started doing the no poo thing. Now that is craziness.


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Pursuing Normal.

Last night, driving home from work, I saw this guy again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him on the freeway. It’s so weird to me when I see him, I immediately think to where I was when I first saw him and how much has changed. How much better my life is since I first saw him. I want to tell him, “Hey, I’m still here!” Then I think how weird that would be, he very likely doesn’t even know I exist, and certainly doesn’t know that, for some weird reason, he’s a marker in my life. I’m still pursing my “normal” and it looks like he is, too.  Although, if I were to offer him any advice, it’d be to tell him he should try putting the top down on his car.

I noticed the other day that my little purple fan that I have on my desk at work, which I’ve had for years now, didn’t seem like it was directing any air anywhere.  I pondered that for a bit off and on over the last month and distinctly remembered being impressed by how much air it moved in relation to how small it was when I first bought it.  I then realized the blades were dirty.  Impressively so.  I wondered if that made any difference to it’s air movement.  At the very least, I figured cleaning the blades probably would be a good start.  So I spent a few minutes one morning doing so and, wow, yeah.  If you have a fan that doesn’t seem to be effective, try cleaning the blades.  I guess, now that I think about it, that’s probably good advice for anything… clean it.


I thought I’d try a new nail polish last weekend.  You know me and my obsession with red nail polish.  With a toddler in the house, quick drying is a must.  Usually Sally Hansen’s products are pretty amazing… however, not this time. I painted my nails on Sunday afternoon.  These pictures were taken Thursday afternoon.  Looks like I’m still on the hunt for a good, fast drying polish.
P1080448 P1080447

My workplace sells these amazing little wonders in its vending machine.  Knowing how overpriced some of those items are in the vending machine, and since I like them so much, I thought I’d check them out online.  Turns out, the vending machine’s price, at $.85 is a bargain… and, also, apparently, they’re quite the novel item?  They’re made in Austria and sell online for around $1.20 each.  They sure are yummy.
P1080517 P1080518
And, last, but not least, we have some sort of tree around our home that drops these shaped leaves.




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Letter to our 17 month old.

Dear William,

On May 8, 2013, you turned 17 months (or 1 year 5 months) old.

You are weighing in at 31 pounds 9 ounces.   Your sizing in clothes (2T) and shoes (size 6) are still the same.  You had your first “tiny ear infection” that caused you to run a fever, and so you also had your first course of antibiotics this past month.  You were so miserable and we didn’t even know it.  You loved the flavoring of the medicine and would beg for more (video link).  After the course of antibiotics was done, your sleep magically cured itself, as did your appetite for food and nursing.  It’s official, though, you have weaned yourself from bottles and I put them away.  You no longer like them and prefer to drink mommy’s milk from a cup and water from either a cup or a straw.

No new teeth this past month, we’re just waiting for those canine teeth to cut through and your 2nd year molars to start making their descent.

NEW WORDS:  “Eat.”  “More.”  “Cereal.” “Nose.”  “B-ball” for basketball and when he sees a basketball hoop.  “That’s a ball.”  “Bye bye Daddy.” “Boo, Daddy!” “Star.” “Taco.” “Totally.” “Cool.” “Bus.” “Poop.” “Cup.” “Bowl.” “Up!” “There you go.”
SIGNS: “Eat.”  “More.” “Please.” “Bus.”
* You whispered for the first time this month.
* Music class started up again and you just love the class so much. You grin your way through the welcoming song and often will get up and stand right in front of the teacher and watch her with rapt attention.  Sometimes, instead of using instruments, you use your body as the instrument and clap your hands in time to the rhythm of the songs.
* You LOVE the Baby Signing Time DVDs.
* This month has been all about “DADDY!!”
Video Link  – he likes to eat!

You had your first PB&J sandwich on 04/28/13, and loved it.  Of course, being able to eat peanuts opens up a whole new realm of foods for you.  Nursing has returned to normal… you now consistently nurse once or twice in the evening, nurse to sleep, you have a middle of the night nursing and nurse upon waking.  Daytime nursing is often quick, but always a long session before your nap.  Pumped milk consumption by you is still hit and miss, so your grandma has started mixing it into your oatmeal and yogurt.  Sometimes you’ll drink it from the cup, but you have made it very clear that you prefer to get your mommy’s milk directly from the source.

PB&J sandwich, peanut butter is sticky & yummy.

You do very well with a spoon and handling your food with it.  Most of the time you have it the right way and 95% of the time you’re able to get food on it by yourself.  I purchased you your own set of “toddler” silverware a couple days ago, and you used the spoon from that set  for the first time on your 17 month birthday and did not want let it go.  They fit your hand perfectly!  Since you were about a year old, we’ve been serving you your food in your own bowl or set on a plate… you like to “organize” your food, but most of the time you eat just fine off the your plate or bowl (as opposed to putting food on your tray).  You also continue to be a joy to take out to restaurants, and you enjoy eating… your father and I often end up waiting for YOU to be done so we can leave the restaurant.

Once you started feeling better (thank you, antibiotics), you have returned to having solid, restful sleep.  No more coughing. No more stuffy nose.  No more ear infection pain.  Life is good.  Predictable.  Wake around 7am, nap around 12:30pm, bedtime around 7:30pm to 8pm.  We still nurse once in the early morning hours and I savor that time with you.

*Sea World on Saturday, 04/13.  Didn’t care for the Pets Rule show.  Oddly, didn’t see Shamu, but you loved Elmo.
*Church on Sunday, 04/14, got your first owie on your hand when you fell on the pavement, I didn’t even know you had hurt yourself… also, you spent a lot of time collecting trash instead of playing on the playground.
*Went up in the big orange balloon on 04/20, rode the carousel, and played at the playground there.  This is something we need to do more.
*Pool party on 04/21 with your cousins.  Lots of fun in the sun!
*Big Bear 04/27-04/28.  Loved the pancakes and enjoyed relaxing.
*Santa Ana Zoo 05/04.  We rode the choo-choo train!
*Pool Party on 05/04 with your cousins.  More fun in the sun.

P1070365   P1070439   P1070611   P1460300
It is interesting to watch you interact with other children.  So far you seem to have a very non-confrontational way of handling situations.  If another kid grabs your toy or instrument, you will take a couple steps back and look at them with a “WTH?” expression.  One little girl tried to educate you on what you were supposed to do with a bouncy zebra at the playground (get on it and ride), but you just stood there, stared at her and when she finished her dissertation and demonstration, you walked up to it and pet it some more and poked it in the eye.  Those things are not for riding, they’re for petting.  You love speed bumps and love to push your Cozy Coupe over them again and again.   You don’t seem to be intimidated or afraid of other children, more that you’re fascinated and amused by them…oh, and you LOVE to watch people run.

THINGS I WANT TO REMEMBER:  How funny you are when we’re walking through Target, you see the signs of people smiling and you smile back at them.   How when you’re swinging in the backyard, you are obsessed with the pinwheels and want to hold them while you swing.  How when I’m pushing you in your Step 2 car, you like to put your foot down and wait for someone to notice… stop the car, ask you to put your foot up, and then you jerk it up… you do the same thing when in the WeeRide seat on the bicycle.  You love to grab bubble wrap and pop it and say, “Pop! Pop!” (Video link) How you love to sit in the bathtub and play.  I have to drain the water to inspire you to get out, and you sit there and wave at the water as it leaves, and then ask, “Where’d it go?”.  How you found the sponge thing we used to use for you when you were a newborn to lay you on and give you a bath… you think it’s a surfboard and stand on it.  How sometimes when I go to get you out of your crib, and say, “Come here!!” You throw yourself down on the mattress and “hide” in the corner with the biggest silly grin on your face. How you love to run in your room and hide behind the nursing chair.  You also love to turn your AngelCare monitor on, and then when the alarm goes off, your eyes get big and you say, “Ohhhh!  What’s that??”  You also love to get into things and when I come up behind you and ask what’s going on, you take a couple steps back and ask, “What’s that?”  How funny it was when you had pooped, and we were out of cloth wipes, so I got a paper towel and put warm water on it. You laid there, holding your ankles … let go long enough to sign “more.”  You liked the warm water wiping. haha  When I tell you the wipe is going to be cold, you smile and say, “brrrr!”

Feet out of WeeRide foot holders.


Surfing on newborn bath sponge


One of the best things about you is that you love to smile and laugh.  You love being able to communicate and I’ve always thought that you had an awesome sense of humor, even when I was pregnant with you.  Call me crazy, but even then it seemed you would do things just to make me laugh.  I see that in you as a constant part of who you are.  You will do something and then grin when I “get” your joke… and it’s the most awesome thing in the world to do something with the specific intent of making you laugh, and you “get” my jokes.  You love being tickled, and then you laugh and laugh, breathlessly you pause until your heart and breathing slow to normal and then you sign “more!!” vigorously…. and it all happens again.

Living life out loud happy, and then… more.  Times a million.  That’s you.


Love, Momma





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Bath Time.

Oh, this child of ours… how he loves any form of transportation.  Buses, cars and trains are covered here.  We do have the best bath times these days.  So good, in fact, that I have to drain the water out of the tub before he’ll get out without a fuss.  Pick our battles, because it wasn’t that long ago that he was afraid of the bath.

Video Link:


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Tonight is here.

Tonight is the kind of night that calls for popcorn and hot chocolate and a good book.  It was something like 90 degrees today, but then this afternoon it chilled rapidly accompanied by winds that chilled you.  As it happened we were at the swimming pool.  Rinsing off never went so fast!

Speaking of pool time… a couple weeks ago we had family time at the pool, Tony got in and was playing with William only to realize about 5 minutes later that he’d left his cell phone in his swim trunk’s pocket.  Horrified, he pulled the battery out of it.  He watched, with some fascination, water drifting back and forth across the phone screen.  When we got home, he put it in a plastic container filled with rice.  Today, he pulled it out and looked at it.  It was perfectly dry and powered up like nothing had happened.  So, yeah, rice on a wet cell phone?  Totally works to fix it.

I shooed Tony out the door tonight to see a movie with friends.  I felt like having some quiet time and just savored putting William to bed.  Peacefully, quietly he fell asleep while nursing… I put him in a Christmas shirt the other day and justified it by telling myself (1) he’ll outgrow the shirt way too soon and (2) with him in our lives, it IS like Christmas every day.

So, since it’s like Christmas, I guess I better get to bed.  Because “Santa” likes to wake up early, even on weekends.




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