Hair Update.

It was recently brought to my attention by one of my dear friends that I haven’t posted an update lately on the state of my hair. She asked how long my hair is now, and I realized that the last update I posted was a year ago in February.

The short answer on my quest to eventually look like Cousin Itt, is that my hair now falls smack-dab to mid-butt. The longer it is, the less you see of me AND it’s a great distraction from the aging body parts I’m gradually acquiring as time passes. Ha.

I desperately need a trim, but when i called to schedule an appointment with the lady who I trust implicitly with these fine strands, I learned that she was having surgery on March 21st and will be off from work until September of this year. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do between now and then, except pray that she recovers very, very swiftly!

For comparison, time lapse pictures:

February 18, 2010:

July 5, 2009:

June 11, 2009:

August 14, 2008:

Also, my no-shampoo regiment hasn’t changed one bit since then, I still use baking soda mixed with water to clean my scalp and apple cider vinegar mixed with water, aloe vera juice and rosemary for clarification of the length (removal of chlorine). I have no intention of ever going back to using shampoo again. I love the pooless way far too much!



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12 responses to “Hair Update.

  1. Every time you post those pictures I have to remember to look at your hair. It’s very nice. Along with your other “assets”. 😉

  2. tony

    Your hair is growing, hehehehe. Love you sweetie, thanks for the update.

  3. “Pooless” is a new word to me. If I told someone I was going the pooless way, they’d probably suggest that I need more fiber.

    I think your hair is taller than my daughter. Maybe even taller than me!

    • ha ha ha… fiber IS probably good for the pooless way. If something is good for your poopy, it’s probably good for the hair… ha!

      Definitely taller than your daughter if she’s less than a yard length. How tall are you? I don’t think I’ve ever asked that…

  4. I am every bit of 5’2″ and three quarters.