Daily Archives: May 4, 2013

Tonight is here.

Tonight is the kind of night that calls for popcorn and hot chocolate and a good book.  It was something like 90 degrees today, but then this afternoon it chilled rapidly accompanied by winds that chilled you.  As it happened we were at the swimming pool.  Rinsing off never went so fast!

Speaking of pool time… a couple weeks ago we had family time at the pool, Tony got in and was playing with William only to realize about 5 minutes later that he’d left his cell phone in his swim trunk’s pocket.  Horrified, he pulled the battery out of it.  He watched, with some fascination, water drifting back and forth across the phone screen.  When we got home, he put it in a plastic container filled with rice.  Today, he pulled it out and looked at it.  It was perfectly dry and powered up like nothing had happened.  So, yeah, rice on a wet cell phone?  Totally works to fix it.

I shooed Tony out the door tonight to see a movie with friends.  I felt like having some quiet time and just savored putting William to bed.  Peacefully, quietly he fell asleep while nursing… I put him in a Christmas shirt the other day and justified it by telling myself (1) he’ll outgrow the shirt way too soon and (2) with him in our lives, it IS like Christmas every day.

So, since it’s like Christmas, I guess I better get to bed.  Because “Santa” likes to wake up early, even on weekends.





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