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Chick-Fil-A Military Appreciation.

Last night, Chick-Fil-A sponsored a military appreciation event for all military personnel, active or retired, in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day.    Whoever planned this event for Chick-Fil-A did an amazing job coordinating all the aspects so that a good time was had by all.

Little known fact, Tony served a long, long time ago in the reserves.  Although he claims not to have enjoyed it, he tells fond stories about boot camp and the time he spent serving. We’ll just call this a conundrum.  Anyway, because Tony served, we were able to participate in this Chick-Fil-A event.  SO, THANK YOU FOR SERVING IN THE RESERVES, TONY!!!

Walking across the parking lot, William started cracking up just SEEING all the kids playing.  He loved watching the kids run and jump on the enormous bouncy slide/obstacle course.  I have a video and I *think* William is actually jumping, with his feet off the ground,  jumping.  Supposedly this is a milestone that he should reach by the age of 2-ish?  Whatever.  It is safe to say that William was uber excited about the whole thing.

Chick-Fil-A comped our meal, in its entirety.  Summary: The food was delicious, we didn’t win any raffle prices, William grinned at the lady at the table next to us and laughed at the kids.  All in all, it made for a fun evening out!

Funny story:  A couple weeks ago, we went to Chick-Fil-A and for the first time William had apple sauce in a pouch.  He loves apple sauce and is actually good enough with the spoon that he can feed it to himself, but the pouch was a special treat.  The next time we went through Walmart, he spotted the pouches and got excited about them.  So I thought, hey, he has never liked sweet potatoes, but maybe he likes pouches enough that he’ll eat the sweet potatoes from a pouch.  You know where this story is going, huh?  So, I went ahead and bought him a sweet potato pouch. He was so excited to have  it!  He begged me to open it.  So I unscrewed it and let him taste it in the store and then left him with Tony while I went and tried on some shorts.  He apparently tasted it a couple of times, and then proceeded to squeeze the rest of it all over the shopping cart.

Moral of the story: Pouches should ONLY contain apple sauce.



More pictures:  LINK



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