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Love & Loathe — 09/23/10


* Burning my hair off. I reached across the stove the other day for the scissors we keep in our knife block. As I turned away, I was assaulted by a smell… *sniff* “Oh, man, don’t tell me I just singed my hair! I just had it trimmed! Ruined a perfectly good haircut.”

* Regenerating pimples. Surely I’m not the only one with the mystical pimple that regenerates itself month after month, am I?

* My early “no traffic” day is no more. Oh, I still have my early day, but I guess the “no traffic” part was a summer thing.


* My 4-color pen at work.

* Our Parallel Lives Neighbors continue to bring us baked goodies. Answering the doorbell is becoming less of a scary thing for People Phobic Me if I know there are yummy things on the other side of it!

* My string of pearls plant. It’s a succulent that grows long strands of (what look like) peas. The tiny flowers it makes are so pretty and they smell like cinnamon. It’s such a unique plant and I just love it so much.

* Tony ended up with free tickets to a pre-season Ducks game (ice hockey team) and we spontaneously went last night. It was a fun “school night” outing. Breaking up the routine is a good thing.

* The silliness of my husband. We accidentally crossed hands tonight and he ended up with a fingerful of goop that I was removing from an item of food. He then rubbed some of it off on the end of his nose and it was just a laughfest of silliness. He’s so good for me.

* Nature’s symbolism… driving home yesterday I had the moon in front of me and the sun behind me. Made me want to reach for the moon, baby.

One Last Thing:

What, exactly, would you would call this… a dichotomy?

Hot Cocoa Ice Cream



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