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Love & Loathe – 09/09/10


* The little old lady in me is getting stronger than the 12 year old boy. I know this because I can now see the benefits of products like this.

* When people have an attitude of entitlement.

* My commute to and from work involves 3 large bridges that I go underneath. For some reason, on my drive home from work in rush hour traffic, it never fails that I get stuck under two of the bridges for a span of at least 30 seconds each. For at least a minute every day, I ponder how my car would hold up should a bridge fall on it due to an earthquake. Let’s not dwell on that. Moving along…


* Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets. I am beyond excited to learn that they are putting one in our neighborhood.

* We took our bird in to get her wings clipped. It was time. Last week, Tony had her out of her cage and was enjoying quality human/avian time with her. Or so he thought. She apparently got bored with the whole quality time thing and so she flew back into her cage! Independent little buzzard.

* I am fascinated with summaries and love using as few words as possible to make my point. Thus, I am really enjoying following along on this guy’s Twitter summary of the Bible. He summarizes one chapter a day and does not use abbreviations. Fascinating.

* I saw a herd of leaves galloping across the street today, finally coming to rest for a moment in a pile against a curb. Fall is coming.

* Laughing. And this cracked me up. Best of all, the dude’s for real. It’s a real day care. HA!

* Getting a watermelon and cracking it open to find it’s so ruby red inside that I couldn’t capture how red and sweet it really was.

One Last Thing:

I was checking out at Walmart over the weekend and one of my purchases was this plant.

It was just the perfect size and, at three dollars, the right price for my needs. The cashier rang it up, and then looked it over, turning it this way and that. I’ve never seen a cashier so curious about a plant. I looked askance at him, but he didn’t look at me, so I shrugged it off.

He finished ringing my purchases, and then went to bag the plant, and finally asked, “What kind of plant is this anyway?”

I smiled and replied, “I have no idea. The three dollar kind, I guess.”

I don’t know why some nurseries don’t label their plants better, but that entire cashier conversation was really funny to me… maybe you had to be there.


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