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Love & Loathe — 09/30/10


* How the end of the month just sneakily snuck up on us. One month until Halloween — yikes! Better remember to buy candy now!

* Getting a jury summons. I mean, they KNOW who’s on unemployment, why the hell don’t they just call them? Truth be told, I would have happily served during the 6 months I was unemployed — if they had called me. But no. They called me 18 months ago, and now they’re trying again. So irritating.

* How hot it’s been. This was taken around 7pm on Tuesday night and THAT felt cool. Ridiculous.


* Our new fan (see previous post).

* Those chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I mixed up? The cookie dough was really good, and I’m pleased to report the finished, baked product is quite delicious.

* Reed avocados. I’ve been waiting all summer for them to show up in the store, and they finally did! Their consistency is as smooth as butter, yet they stay firm even when ripe, and they’re the biggest avocado I’ve ever seen. This from the girl who grew up in the Avocado Capital of the World.

* Hawks. I saw two of them perched on the top of a street light watching the sunset behind me on my way home from work a couple nights ago.

One Last Thing:

I saw this sticker on the back of some guy’s work truck driving down the road. How much do you want to bet that sticker serves a dual purpose? A pinch warning for his fingers when he shuts his tailgate and also as a sort of pinching mistletoe? Because you know, every time his woman gets back there, he probably gives her a good pinch, right?


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