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Fans of Sea World.

Friday night the 20″ box fan in our bedroom refused to come on. I think the motor burned out. It was, by my best math, about 8 years old. Not too bad for a $20 investment. We were faced with a weekend that was predicted to be one of the hottest of the season, over 100°F, and an even hotter Monday… tomorrow. Can’t wait.

We kept our plans to go to Sea World on Saturday morning. We always enjoy Sea World, although not quite as much as before, since they ended the Dining with Shamu series. That breakfast buffet was pretty awesome. I understand why they did it, out of respect for the trainer who was killed, but if they had asked me, I would have suggested that they just re-organize the dining experiences like they did the show… no more close contact between trainers and whales. But they didn’t ask me.

On the up-side, the new dolphin show is better than ever. I give it 6 thumbs up!

Anyway, Saturday afternoon we headed off to Walmart to replace the fan. Walmart was a bust, they didn’t have quite what I was looking for, so we hit up Target. It turns out, our local Target had all their summer stuff and a bunch of other stuff on clearance since they’re bringing in all their autumn stuff AND they’re revamping the store to put their grocery section in. We got an awesome $40 fan, which included a remote, for $20. Interesting side note: The price war where Target wins over Walmart has been happening more and more lately.

Other highlights of the weekend included an hour and a half swim this morning that felt like a mere 5 minutes in the water. I just can’t seem to get enough of swimming.

I also found a recipe to make my own instant hot chocolate mix, which I mixed up and put in my empty Swiss Miss canister. I also found a recipe for chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It’s been too hot to bake, but I have the dough all mixed up and in the fridge ready to go when the weather cools off… hopefully this week sometime.

Or maybe, in the interest of baking my cookies and eating them, too, I’ll just set up the new fan to blow the heat out of the kitchen!


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