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Love & Loathe — 09/16/10


* Emotional rollercoasters. We have a couple things, really big things, that we’re dealing with right now. Which I can’t talk about because they’re not really mine to talk about. Combined with an especially difficult hormonal cycle this month, I’ve really not felt like doing much of anything but cry. Or sleep, which I would love to do, but these hormones of mine are throwing nights of insomnia my way, just to make it interesting.

* Insomnia and fear. Also, oily skin and pimples. So tired of it all.

* Whacked hormones.


* Trees. I really love trees. One of the primary reasons I live where I live is because there are trees here. My realtor called it a “preference for mature communities” which makes it sound like I love living in retirement communities, but what it really meant was there are mature, tall, pretty trees here. Which I love. In case I didn’t make my point.

* Smallville. In preparation for the new season starting up (which I probably won’t watch until NEXT season), we’ve been watching all the old seasons. Tony has them on DVD. We are calling it “homework.” There have been a couple evenings this past week when we’ve had to focus on other bigger things, and I can be counted on to bemoan the fact that we’re behind on our homework. Priorities, you know.

* Friends. I’ve taken the premise that I apply to exercise (if I don’t feel like doing it, it’s probably the one thing I really need to do) and applied it to my social life. I’ve leaned pretty hard on Grace, bless her heart. I also got in touch with a friend I’ve not seen since… 2005? We had lunch, and he bought me this balloon. It was so silly, and so spontaneous of him, and I had no idea it would make me smile every time I see it. Even still, because you know that thing is so well made it’s probably gonna last until I’m 80.

* The new health network I transferred into. Even though there were some (in my opinion) weird authorization glitches that needed to be handled, it all sort of makes sense now, and my appointment yesterday morning went really well. They even saw me 15 minutes EARLY. AND I had a voicemail from them, before I even reached my office (15 minutes after I left their office) about scheduling an appointment I had requested. THEY called ME. Maybe all this doesn’t mean much to you, but I continue to be speechless at how well-organized they seem to be. *cynical look*

* Pool bunnies. These two bunnies nibble on the grass that surrounds the community pool that I use. It’s so sweet to watch them. As long as I’m in the pool, I can do whatever I want and they really don’t care, including paddling over with my cell phone to take their picture. But I can’t get even remotely near them if I’m out of the pool. The pool bunnies have rules.

One Last Thing:

The last weekend of August, Tony and I went up to the mountains and hiked our anniversary hike — back to the top of the rock where we got married 5 years ago. It is a special thing for us.

While we were up in the mountains, as usual, we visited our favorite breakfast restaurant and our conversation with the cook came around to wondering just how big of a pancake he thought he could make and successfully flip. His “normal” pancakes hang over the plate as it is. Plus, after many, many years, the handle on the spatula he uses had broken off — a spatula to a cook is what a favorite pen is to an author.

And so the “Two Plate Cake” challenge came to be. We mentioned we were hoping to make it up last weekend, which we did. As we eventually rotated into our seats there, we were surprised to notice that not only did he NOT forget, the challenge actually made their calendar.

And he made good on the challenge.

Now THAT is a pancake. Next up, we’re thinking a Three Plate Cake? That’s something you gotta practice for, right? So… maybe in December?


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