Halloween Decorations!

In the last post, I showed you one of my inside decorations. I thought I’d also take a moment to share our outside decorations that Tony put up this year.

Here’s our Halloween flag. I know, we’re supposed fly our freak flag, but a Halloween flag with a cute black kitty on a pumpkin and “Happy Halloween” will have to suffice.

In our staircase window we have these light-up decorations… at the top, a spider & web, then a witch on a broomstick, then a pumpkin and at the bottom some scary RIP headstone thing.

In the evening, our blow up decorations come alive. We have two black kitties that puff up. Our neighbor’s kids love to come over and look at these, I think it’s part of their nightly ritual. I should get a picture of them one of these nights, it’s cute.

Here’s a view down the scary walkway to our front door. Last night I heard some solicitors go to our neighbor’s house. I was listening for them to come to my front door, but instead all I heard them say to each other was a low, “Ohhh, let’s keep going…”

Somebody’s grave is next to our house. Eep! Poor fellow, it gets moved every year. We should call him the traveling grave. Heh

View of our front door…

Plant with kitty, headstone and a huge spider protecting it all…

Another headstone that disguises the fog machine, which will gear up for Halloween night… wooooooo, spooky! We have black lights up above that illuminate it all in the evening.

In case you didn’t know…

Tug says “Hi.”

On our front door…

In our entry way…

There’s one other window with decorations and I still need to get a picture if it.

So that’s what our house looks like right now.



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32 responses to “Halloween Decorations!

  1. tony

    What great decorations…..love you sweetie pie

  2. tony

    You forgot to talk about the smoke at night

  3. This year I’m lucky I put out a lightup pumpkin with a cat on it. No time for decorating. You place looks great however.

  4. grrrace


    Can’t wait to see them in person πŸ˜€

  5. Cat

    Ooohhhh, J! I wish we lived closer to each other because we would share in our love of Halloween decorating (and festive decorations in general). This post made me so happy. Thank you!

    As for the travelling grave.. I would stick something like “Here lies Norman Nomad, never in the same place twice!” on it. Heh. Nomadic grave.. hehhehee

    • Decorations are so much fun! Yes, we surely would share our love of decorating with each other. πŸ™‚

      πŸ˜† I *love* your Norman Nomad idea! That’s hilarious! hehhehe

  6. marigold

    Yeah, you guys are definitely the crazy holiday people on your block.

  7. Caryl

    I chuckled at the: β€œOhhh, let’s keep going…”
    Also, Tug doesn’t miss a thing, does he?
    Love you,

    • I laughed, too, I was all scared I was gonna have to tell them “no, thank you” three times like our neighbors did. Who knew scary decorations would be solicitor control?

      Tug talked to me the whole time I was out there taking pictures. Crazy ass cat. πŸ˜†

  8. I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthin’ Day. Not sure I’m going to be able to later.

    • Ohhh, I read you’re gonna be super busy. I wonder if Tony has tivo set up to record that show… he loves those scary ghost type shows. Man, if he’d known, he’d have flown there to help you serve them dinner. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the happy birthday. xoxo

  9. So, you plan on scaring all the trick or treating kids away and keeping the candy for yourself this year. Good idea.

  10. py

    Hi Jammie, here’s sending you care and greetings for Halloween. Heard that the day after Halloween will be “All Saints Day”. Have fun.

  11. py

    I must come by to wish you an early Happy Birthday too! Wishing you all the very best in life.

  12. Happy Halloweenie Jammie!

  13. grrrace

    Thanks for letting us come by yesterday! πŸ™‚

  14. WONDERFUL Decorations, my dears…You guys really go all out! Cute things and a little bit scary ones, too–OOOOOOO, A Fog Machine…..Perfect!

    • Yes, the man does love his fog machine. We need to figure out a way to have it fog up the walkway without fogging (or “frogging”, as my nephew says) the house up, too.