Love & Loathe — 10/06/09


* A freshly emptied trash can!

* Getting checks in the mail. Today was “pay day” and I got more than I expected. Grow, money hump, grow!

* I registered with a temp agency today. My intake person told me that they’ve recently started getting admin jobs at my level again. This is good news, people!

* All my fish are in one tank, meaning my male is in there. They are very busy chasing each other in circles and I love watching them.

* Swimming. I’ve been lengthening my swim times, I’m up to an hour of non-stop laps and I feel as if I could swim all day long.


* So far, the fish haven’t mated. It’s only been a couple of days, and I’m OK with them taking their time. It just means my girls ain’t easy. Mmm-hmmm, their mama taught them right. But they better mate at some point.

* Our refrigerator’s automatic ice-maker is on the fritz. It makes ice erratically, which is incredibly annoying.

One Last Thing:

A few nights ago, I crawled into bed around 1 AM. Tony had already been asleep a couple of hours. I was very careful to not move the bed or do anything that would jolt him awake. Although, usually my care is unnecessary because the dude sleeps like a rock.

I turned on my side to settle in, arranging the covers just so and I felt gas pressure. So I let my fart flag fly. It was quite a bit louder than I had intended, it startled even me.

It got about mid-note and Tony rolled on his back and moaned out an emphatic “Noooooo!”, pulled the sheets over his face and resumed snoring.

Which left me shaking quietly with laughter. The man didn’t even wake up, but his subconscious knew it wasn’t a good thing. I’m thinking it was a good thing that he didn’t remember it in the morning.



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14 responses to “Love & Loathe — 10/06/09

    • Oh, this is just to memorialize it. Truth of the matter is, I ratted myself out the morning after because I couldn’t stop laughing about it. Plus, I had to know if he remembered. 😆

  1. tony

    Silly sweetie, stop farting on me, nanananana

  2. How do you know your fishies aren’t “getting busy” when you’re not looking? Perhaps they don’t like an audience when doing the tango of luv.

    Thanks for the laugh! Fart stories are still funny, though I didn’t realize women farted. I thought they were too “dainty” for that.

    • Wellllll, when a female is holding babies, she stops eating because she holds all the babies in her mouth. So far, all the females are still eating. Which means they’re just doin’ the tango but not the actual deed.

      Fart stories are always funny! This woman totally farts and claims ’em. 😆

  3. marigold

    Why would he stick his head under the covers and INTO the dutch oven?

  4. grrrace

    LOL. Poor, poor Tony!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for the temp agency… I hope they find you something that’s good for you… And at a company that deserves you. 🙂

    • Poor, poor Tony, indeed!

      The temp agency said she had one job that she could submit my resume if I wanted. It’s really close, and sounds like a good company. *shrug* We’ll see if anything comes of it.

  5. LOL, LOL..Very funny about “The Fart”……

    Hey, maybe your little dear female fish just need a bit of time to get used to the male being there…And, is this the mating season for fish? OR, is there no mating season….Hmmmmmm.
    I hope something comes through for you, my dear Jammie…..Fingers And Legs Crossed! (lol)

    • Anytime is good for captive fish mating, although I did a cooler water change to try and jump start things a little bit. (sigh) So far, they just swim in avoidance, although there’s been a couple semblances of mating… but none of the females are holding yet. A couple of them have owies now… par for the mating course, but I hate that part of it. I hate seeing them get hurt. 😦

  6. “Noooooo!”, not you