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Blogabilities 04/20/2012

This time of year brings me so much joy! In the parking lot at my work we have concrete plant boxes which each have a tree surrounded by star jasmine. Every year when those jasmine plants start blooming I get so excited… Look at this, they’re almost ready to burst open!

Over in our community pool area are these trees that bloom fragrant pink flowers. I love taking pictures of them and smelling them (before the landscapers come through and trim them away).

Signs in bathrooms in general just crack me up. This one was in the ladies’ room at the Red Cross office near our home where Tony donated blood last Saturday. It was so… personable… and friendly:

I love hand-me-down clothing for William and one of our neighbors has two little boys. Every couple of weeks I come home and find a bag of stuff from her, it makes me so happy!

I’ve always found it interesting to see what people keep in their fridges. If you were to open our fridge these days, you would find that instead of Milky Ways, we have milky days:

Being back to work is hard sometimes, but every Friday we have these and those make it just a little easier to go in. Not much easier, but a little bit. Everyone crowds in the kitchen, grabbing coffee, standing in line to get their breakfast and I always feel like we’re warriors who have managed to survive the week:

Since I had 8″ cut off a couple weeks ago, my hair no longer gets clamped into the seat belt. Have to say, that’s kind of nice:

This makes me laugh… here is all the baggage I now take to work with me… my lunch bag, William’s lunch bag, my netbook, and my purse:

For the last several months, even before I went on maternity leave, one of the soap dispensers in the ladies bathroom at work stopped working. It was maddening because then I had to reach across the other sink and get soap out of that one. I mentioned it to a co-worker the other day and she told me that all I have to do is push the top of the broken soap dispenser while pushing the button below, and magically, it works. Ummm, not ideal, certainly a little weird, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have a work around.

I’m thinking that I may have an obsession with hair clips, and yet I still can’t find them in the middle of the night:

William loves when I sing to him, it doesn’t particularly matter to him what I’m singing. The moment I start, he relaxes and will usually smile and sometimes even laugh. I snapped this particular picture while I was singing Amazing Grace to him. Not a particularly funny song by any means, but he can laugh/smile if he wants because every day that William lives in this world I find myself smiling and thanking God for his amazing grace.


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Soul blessings.

Last Saturday I went to my favorite hairstylist for a hair cut. It had been several months since I’d gone, and over a year since I’d seen her. She went on medical leave last March and had surgery to remove part of her intestines where a cancerous tumor had grown. Needless to say, we greeted each other with a hug and warm words.

In that time, my hair has endured continuous chlorine damage and hormonal changes due to pregnancy and birth. Also, my hair was getting tucked into my waistband on a regular basis and since it was classic length (halfway of the body) it was also a bit disconcerting to have it end up in weird places when I showered.

We negotiated, as we always do when she cuts my hair and we decided to cut it so it was waist length, which equaled a cut of eight inches. When I started growing my hair 15 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have 8 inches of hair to cut off and still have some left over. Sadly, it was so scraggly that it wasn’t worth donating to any cause except my own. My own “cause” is to show William when he’s older and lay guilt on him by telling him that this, THIS is what he did to his to his momma!

As she snipped off my hair, I met her eyes in the mirror and said, “This is such a bummer.” She paused, and said with a soft smile, “Yes, but it could be so much worse… and you have a beautiful baby boy to show for it.” I nodded. It could be much worse, this I know. I know what she’s been through this past year. But I also know that the alternative, for me, is that I wouldn’t have William… which just isn’t an alternative.

When I finished and paid, I sent Tony a text message that I was done. He had been walking through the pet store with William, showing him the fish tanks — which William is entranced by. Tony walked across the parking lot, William in his arms. For me it was like looking at my dreams come true.

William was handed over without hesitation to my hair stylist. She enfolded him in her arms and closed her eyes, inhaling the babyness of him. As for William, he snuggled into her neck as if he understood her need. I said softly, “He is good for the soul…”

Her eyes still closed, she replied, “Yes, he is.”

…and do you know? It still doesn’t seem real to me that he’s finally here.


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Tuesday Tidbits.

* At work, there is a crevice between the elevator carriage and the floors when the door opens. I don’t know why, but for some reason I always want to throw a gum wrapper or some small piece of trash down it. I won’t ever do it, but I always think about doing that when I step in or out of the elevator.

* My community is heating its pools 2 weeks early this year. Which is really great because we had some really warm weather this past weekend and so I had a couple hours of amazing swims. Pure bliss for me.

* Traffic has been lighter than usual this week. I assume because of spring break everyone went away. Instead of a 30 minute commute each way, it’s 20-25 minutes each way. Every minute matters!

* Another free oil change this past weekend thanks to the strange “loyalty” card the dealership gave me. I say strange because I’d only ever had my oil changed there once before, and they sent me a card for five free oil changes because I was loyal? Two used, three to go!

* We went to Sea World on April 1st. It was two years ago on April 1st that I miscarried our first baby. It was one year ago on April 1st that we found out I was pregnant with William and I was peeing on anything that stood still long enough because I couldn’t believe it. Now we have a beautiful baby boy who pees on us.

* Sometimes it’s important to pause to enjoy a beautiful sunset. So sometimes I do. Especially when a light turns yellow and I have no other choice.


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