Just Big Kids!

We all know that June is the month for weddings, but who knew it’s also birthday party month for kids? I’m looking at our calendar, and we have a party to attend every weekend of the month. Gives a whole new meaning to September being a hot month. Yeah, think about that last sentence for a second.

To kick off the month of birthday parties, our Parallel Lives Neighbors invited us to their kids’ birthday party. Their oldest turned 4 the end of May (for the record, she was actually supposed to have been born in June), and the youngest turns 1 next week. So they had a party for both of them this past weekend.

They hold their birthday parties at a nearby park that’s well-hidden, and owned by the company where they both work. It’s kind of this place that you want to ensure you’re with someone you know and trust, because otherwise you’re driving and driving, and you turn off the main road and you’d swear the person you’re with is gonna take you out and shoot you.

When we get to the parking lot, we’re greeted with this sign…

And then we noticed a bunch of turkey vultures circling above us. Like I said, you really wanna know the person you’re with.

There’s a clearing with picnic tables and a cement slab, on which the bouncy house was placed. I mean, what else would you do with a cement slab in the middle of nowhere?

We didn’t know everyone there, but we knew a few. Enough to feel comfortable visiting or just making small talk with those we didn’t. Tony was envious of all the fun the kids were having in the bouncy house, so he was kind of hanging out there… and if you know Tony, you know that kids just kind of flock to him. It wasn’t long before the kids involved him in some sort of monster-roaring, fake punch throwing kind of game.

Tony playing with some random, unknown boy child.

Tony kept a close eye on things, and when the kids gathered around the pinata and cake…

The big kids took over the Tweety Bird bouncy house!

On Sunday, we managed a kidnapping of my friend, Grace, and off we went to CaliforniaLand. It was a warm day, and I’ve never gone on the Grizzly River Rapids ride. There were warnings everywhere that we would get wet.

Oh my, did we get soaked!

No trip to Disney theme parks is complete without a visit to one of their bakeries for their chocolate drizzled macaroons. I took this picture because it struck me as amusing… one shelf of healthy apples, and the rest of the display cases were full of sugar laden goodies guaranteed to put you in a sugar coma for the rest of the day.

Believe it or not, I only bought one macaroon at that store. I did get a rocky road cup and a chocolate covered strawberry (sort of healthy, right?) at the candy store. I promise they’ll last me all week!



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20 responses to “Just Big Kids!

  1. grrrace

    it was fun! πŸ™‚ thanks for going to ca adv with me. πŸ˜€

    september IS a hot, hot month. *wink*

    bounce houses are the best!!! πŸ˜€

    • Thank YOU for coming up with the idea to go! πŸ™‚

      Oh, and you oughtta know about September. πŸ˜›

      We had fun in the bouncy house.

  2. Why grow up? You have so much more fun doing kids stuff as an adult!

    Enjoy all of the kids parties! Ours are all in April so we’re mostly clear for the summer.

    • I know, because when you’re a kid, you don’t really appreciate all the fun things you get to do. As an adult, you really understand the nuance of innocent fun. πŸ™‚

  3. I wonder if anyone ever buys the apples.

    I want a bouncy house of my very own!!

    • I think a couple apples had been sold… but I can tell you, that’s probably not what people go in there to buy. It’s a bakery, not a fruit stand.

      Will it make you envious if I tell you that my neighbors actually own a bouncy house? Not big like the Tweety bird bouncy house, but it’s big enough for their kids to enjoy.

  4. noonie

    I love that bouncy castle… if you love macaroons then I must post pics when we go to France this year, sometimes there are whole chiller cabinets filled with them in the patiserries (sp?)

    • I need to figure out how to make my own macaroons. Or maybe not, now that I think about it. If I knew just how much sugar and unhealthy stuff was in that thing, I’d probably have a remorseful diabetes attack or something.

  5. tinyhands

    Now you just need to combine the bouncy house with the month of September…

  6. tony

    We have more fun parties to goto this month, hehehehe, we need to goto Disneyland or California Land more…we can even kidnap friends and take them. Love you cutie, I had a great weekend with you. XXOXOXOXOX :mrgreen:

  7. Oh, it looks like Toby was having a lot of fun! June is a good month for Birthdays–INDEED! Mine is towards the end of the month–Lots of WONDERFUL People were born in June…(lol)

  8. Caryl

    okay, Tinyhands! I wondered if somebody wasn’t going to combine the two.
    And hey! I would eat the apple. We used get the red delicious apples only at Christmas time when I was a kid. It was something very special. πŸ™‚

  9. py

    This sounds like a fun month of June. It makes me feel good just looking at the photos. Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

  10. daydreambetty

    A picture of you bouncing followed by a picture of you wet.

    Oooookay, I’m in sensory overload here, so I’ll just move on to the next post. πŸ˜‰