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Love & Loathe — 06/17/10


* My irrigation timer’s battery died… again. So I’ve been going out in the morning and manually turning it on for a minute or so. It’s so peaceful out there and I enjoy the stillness before the day begins. Not this morning, though. The entire time I was out there, Tug mournfully meowed at me from inside the cat run. Perpetual meowing is not peaceful.

* I cannot wait to be done with our current dishwasher detergent. I promise to never stray again from Cascade detergent. No matter how inexpensive the lure of the other bottles.
These plates are glass and are supposed to be, you know, clear …

These are knives, believe it or not, and are supposed to be shiny…

I will never buy this again…


* Steamed artichokes.

* In support of the Lakers, I’ve declared this week The Week of Purple. I’ve worn a shade of purple every day, even purple jammies (JAMMIES!!). Also, Grace inspired me to paint my nails purple.

* Ummm, Lakers… 2010 Champions! We’ve had some pretty good neighborhood rivalry going on, which has totally cracked me up. Tonight, the neighbors who’ve been cheering for the Celtics played like it was Halloween night with no candy. They turned off all their lights, like no one was home. But we know they’re there. HA! Hilarious!

* A couple nights ago, it was around midnight and I heard a bunch of strange sounds coming from outside. I crept toward the door, grabbed my camera and recorded these sounds… a night bird? I’ve never heard anything like it. I stood in marvel as I listened to the incredible range of singing I heard. (Click to hear.)

* While out there listening to the night bird, I smelled an unbelievably pleasant scent. I sniffed and sniffed, and then realized that my lily plant had bloomed. What an unexpected thrill!

* I finally got the gumption up to discontinue our home phone line. Except the guy talked me into keeping it for $5 a month. He called it a limited line, 60 outgoing minutes per month. I think I’m OK with that, because I have it hooked up to our fax machine anyway, so any incoming calls get the SQUEAL. I love that I got up the gumption to make a change that’s good for our budget.

One Last Thing:

I finally got it. The offer of employment.

… and, best of all, they were fair to me. In these economic times, that tells me they really like me. I accepted their offer. Starting Monday, 6/21, I’m officially their employee.

Which means I get the 4th of July as a paid holiday! And sick time! And super inexpensive benefits! And vacation time! Yay! Oh, and a job.



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