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Love & Loathe — 06/10/10 (late)


* The big, fat zit on the side of my nose. I remembered to wear my sunglasses the other day and discovered that this big, fat zit is exactly where they needed to perch. That was not a happy moment.

* People who are more worried about covering their a** than working as a team player to get stuff done. In these times, I understand why they feel like they have to be that way, but it’s such a waste of time. Really! It’s OK to not know stuff, just ask for help rather than doing it wrong and then throwing everyone who tried to help under the bus.


* My alarm clock. I think the thing is at least 15 years old, if not older. Even though the CD player on it doesn’t work anymore, I can’t bear to get a new one. Why? Because it has a motion sensor snooze button on it. That’s right! I wave my hand in front of it and THAT is my snooze button.

* Swimming in June gloom weather. It means I have the pool all to myself. I savor these pre-summer days when I have the pool all to myself.

* I finally have my pre-pregnancy figure back. Even though I was only pregnant for 3 months, my body was ready for the long haul… waistline expanded, larger bosoms, etc.. I feel a little shallow admitting this, given the way the pregnancy ended, but it’s nice to fit in my clothes again.

* When our little birdy gives me kisses. It’s so sweet.

* The 4 goldfish we bought seem to be doing well. We put the hospital tank away. That means more counterspace in the kitchen. Healthy goldfish and more counterspace = love.

One Last Thing:

Supposedly the “formal offer” to make me permanent has been approved, it just needs to be signed off by one more person. There’s a couple things I’m concerned about that makes this a mixed blessing for me. But, hey, it’s better for the Money Hump that I’m employed and it’s not like I have any better offers on the table.

Soooo, maybe Monday?



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