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Love & Loathe — 06/03/10


* I am tired. This cold/sinus infection is draining all my energy. Plus! Crackly ears!

* Women who brush their hair and put makeup on while driving in rush hour traffic. If you do that? Please stop it. It’s dangerous.


* I saw Tick Guy on the freeway yesterday. Driving along and ticking away. I don’t know why, but I was SOO happy to see him. Almost like he was a long lost friend. Or maybe it was more like, “Hey, despite what we’ve been through since I saw you last, we’re both still here, ticking away.”

* Carrot cake cookies and maple cream cookies. Found them in Ross, of all places, and they are so delicious. Or, rather, they were delicious.

* Solitude, books, donkeys and squirrels. But I love elephants more.

* Francine Rivers. Still lovin’ on her Biblical novels. I’ve almost read all of them now. I may have to read them again in a few months. How have I missed knowing her as an author for so long?

* One more day, one more day, one more day to this week.

One Last Thing:
They say they’re going to make me permanent. Three different people have told me that now, in hushed tones, some even behind closed doors. “Close the door, I want to tell you something…” And then they tell me what the other guy told me. OK, I get it. You want me to be permanent. This is good. I really like being wanted.

The thing is, with every conversation, I feel “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” bubbling up from within, and every conversation, I beat it down. Can you imagine if I were to let that loose?

Then last night, I walked out in the parking lot to my car, with the intention of getting in my car and battling through a half hour of traffic to get home. So I could rest my head. My sick, sick head.

So I’m in the parking lot, strolling to my car and I glance down into the island of jasmine planted around a tree in the middle of the parking lot and spotted this.

I continued walking, and got to my car, only to see these in the island of jasmine planted around a tree behind my car.

The first thing I wondered was, if I kept walking, would I find a bartender behind the next tree? The second thing that came to mind was whether the company drives their people to drink… hmmm.



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