Love & Loathe — 06/17/10


* My irrigation timer’s battery died… again. So I’ve been going out in the morning and manually turning it on for a minute or so. It’s so peaceful out there and I enjoy the stillness before the day begins. Not this morning, though. The entire time I was out there, Tug mournfully meowed at me from inside the cat run. Perpetual meowing is not peaceful.

* I cannot wait to be done with our current dishwasher detergent. I promise to never stray again from Cascade detergent. No matter how inexpensive the lure of the other bottles.
These plates are glass and are supposed to be, you know, clear …

These are knives, believe it or not, and are supposed to be shiny…

I will never buy this again…


* Steamed artichokes.

* In support of the Lakers, I’ve declared this week The Week of Purple. I’ve worn a shade of purple every day, even purple jammies (JAMMIES!!). Also, Grace inspired me to paint my nails purple.

* Ummm, Lakers… 2010 Champions! We’ve had some pretty good neighborhood rivalry going on, which has totally cracked me up. Tonight, the neighbors who’ve been cheering for the Celtics played like it was Halloween night with no candy. They turned off all their lights, like no one was home. But we know they’re there. HA! Hilarious!

* A couple nights ago, it was around midnight and I heard a bunch of strange sounds coming from outside. I crept toward the door, grabbed my camera and recorded these sounds… a night bird? I’ve never heard anything like it. I stood in marvel as I listened to the incredible range of singing I heard. (Click to hear.)

* While out there listening to the night bird, I smelled an unbelievably pleasant scent. I sniffed and sniffed, and then realized that my lily plant had bloomed. What an unexpected thrill!

* I finally got the gumption up to discontinue our home phone line. Except the guy talked me into keeping it for $5 a month. He called it a limited line, 60 outgoing minutes per month. I think I’m OK with that, because I have it hooked up to our fax machine anyway, so any incoming calls get the SQUEAL. I love that I got up the gumption to make a change that’s good for our budget.

One Last Thing:

I finally got it. The offer of employment.

… and, best of all, they were fair to me. In these economic times, that tells me they really like me. I accepted their offer. Starting Monday, 6/21, I’m officially their employee.

Which means I get the 4th of July as a paid holiday! And sick time! And super inexpensive benefits! And vacation time! Yay! Oh, and a job.



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25 responses to “Love & Loathe — 06/17/10

  1. stacey

    so glad things are looking up. congrats on the new job. i hope it works out for you. i’m glad they realize your worth and are compensating you, finally!

    i have heard that bird at night too near our house. i too wondered about it. nightingale, perhaps? are those local?

    i loved your kid birthday fun. i love taking the kids to bounce house indoor places. they have like 5 or 6 bounce houses (indoors and air conditioned). i consider it part of my exercise and of course mommy duty to jump and bounce along too πŸ™‚

    • I think (hope) this is a job I will grow into. Sometimes I feel pretty overwhelmed. But they seem to think I’m doing a good job.

      I have no idea what kind of bird it is, but everyone here seems to think it’s a mockingbird.

      Bouncy houses are great fun… I envy people who have trampolines. πŸ™‚

  2. Redfred

    Congrats on the job πŸ™‚

  3. I practically jumped out of my seat with joy for you! Congrats on getting the job! I know you’ll do great.

    I’m getting up the gumption to dump cable (except for the really basic channels). I’m getting tired of paying a ton of money for lots of useless channels. I’ve called the cable company a couple of times and it’s an all or nothing deal with them. I also don’t want a sattelite dish. So, after the World Cup, they’re history.

    • Thanks for the congrats. πŸ™‚ I’m pretty pleased with the whole thing right now. Both of the concerns I’ve had have alleviated themselves on their own with me just waiting and watching. I hope it continues to go well.

      It’s funny how it takes so long to work up the nerve the get rid of something that our ancestors never even had. Just a weird thought I had. Also how my nephews will never know life without an iPod.

  4. tinyhands

    Good job on the good job. I was a little worried that the permanent offer would be significantly less than your contract rate (it usually is, to compensate for the benefits) but if you’re happy, I’m happy.

    • Thanks… actually, they met me in the middle of what I was making at my other job and what they were paying me as a temp. I used the classic line of “I trust you to be fair with me…” and turns out the amount they offered me was exactly the amount my mortgage is based on and was the bottom number I was willing to take. AND I never told them what that number was.

  5. grrrace

    CONGRATS!!! Yay! I’m glad they put in a good offer. Also, I like that your work is close to me. ;P hehe.

    I like your nail color. πŸ˜€ tee hee!

    Wow. That dishwashing detergent is terrible!!!

    • Thank you!! I really like that I work so close to you. It makes me even happier that you let me come over and stare at you. *tee hee*

      Ohhh, I changed my nail color last night. Now it’s an orange-red. hehe

  6. Congrats on the official offer!

    i like your nail color, too. πŸ˜€

  7. Congratulations on the offer! but if it’s a super secret place, will they tell you where to go to work?

  8. noonie

    doing happy dance here… congrats on job.. and the ants are back.. poor pink ant… try skin cleanser. When I was a kid mum used to use Anne French Milk to remove suspicious marks… but I can’t find it in shops anymore.

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you.

      Yes, Poor Pink Ant… I tried nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol and other stuff. I have no idea what that stuff is!

  9. tricia

    YAY! So happy for you!!

  10. YAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYYAY that is me jumping up and down yelling yay over and over in joy for your official job offer.

  11. I thought something was wrong with our dishwasher for a while. I was using some eco-friendly stuff and everything went to hell. I did some research online and read that I shouldn’t have been using liquid detergent with hard water (we have very hard water) and also to not overly clean your dishes -dishwasher detergents are meant to work with some grease, who knew? Anyway I switched to a name brand powdered all-in-one tablet and everything has been great.
    I’m glad you got the permanence at the job. I was worried about you.
    I’m pretty sure the bird is a mockingbird.
    [audio src="" /]

    • It’s so strange. I didn’t even think about the detergent being eco-friendly, I just went with the cheapest detergent because I figured all detergent is the same. Cascade is what I’ve used for years with no problem. I will definitely be buying it again! Glad you found a solution to your problem!

      Thanks for the link to the mockingbird. I think I’ll believe that’s what it is. πŸ™‚

  12. daydreambetty

    I was rooting for the Celtics, but not by much, so I won’t hold it against you for being a Lakers fan. πŸ˜€

    Kudos on the job offer!!! So happy for you!!

    “In these economic times…..” Boy, I would love to never hear these words again.

    Okay, I’m off to read the posts I’ve missed (so sorry that I’ve missed so much!).

    • The only exception to rooting for the Lakers I ever make is when Oklahoma plays against them. Hey, OK is where I was born, ya know. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the kudos and I hear you on the “economic times”, it’s really become a catch phrase for all that is wrong right now.

  13. py

    Congratulations on the confimation of the job offer and fair terms. πŸ™‚
    You deserve it. πŸ™‚