Don’t Fit In…

… or I have temporary ADD and can’t seem to put together a coherent post about one topic. So you get bullet points. I know, you’re thinking “Hey, that’s no different than your most recent posts!” And I’m here to tell you, it is too. Because I’m not using asterisks, instead you get two dashes for each new thought. So there. Don’t argue with me, you won’t win.

And now that we’ve settled that, here are things I’ve done in the last couple of weeks but don’t seem to fit in anywhere.

— I got a new cell phone. A Samsung Reality. Yes, mom, a Korean brand. It has a QWERTY keyboard and I feel like I’ve now upgraded to the Big Time (even though I didn’t get a data plan). Text messages? Bring ’em on, baby!

— I also got a 2nd computer (remember my other one’s monitor died just after I lost my job last year). I got a Gateway Netbook and I love it. It also has Windows XP, which makes me very, very happy.

— I upgraded the RAM in both my Netbook and my Notebook. My Netbook hadn’t even been turned on when I did it. After seeing how fast my Notebook booted (with Windows Vista, no less), I now cry out, “Why didn’t I do that sooner? WHY?” Vince even told me to, way back when it was new.

— Graham crackers are delicious. Who let me forget that?

— I colored my hair a golden brown color for summer. It’s pretty.

— Umm, I think yesterday marked one year with no usage of shampoo. I’m too lazy to check my archives, but I think that’s right. I also think that’s pretty cool.

— I got a Furminator for the cats. It appears that they think my hand has grown a purple cat tongue that grooms them. They now fly across the room when I open the drawer it’s kept in.

— Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that I got a bit sunburned (slightly pink, not ouchy, ouchy burn) on Saturday when we went to Sea World, and now it’s raining outside? So, you know, here I am walking around all tan-like and there’s no sun.

— We saw Bill Cosby on Sunday evening. He’s 72 years old, married 46 years and is the only person I know who can bring a thousand people to hysterical laughter just by saying, “Aaaand then…” Worth every penny spent for laughing for two non-stop hours. Awesome.



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20 responses to “Don’t Fit In…

  1. julie

    yay for upgraded technology! i’m also hesitant to switch because it’s a pain… but then when i do it, i think the same thing. “why didn’t i do this sooner?”

    i’m hating this weather… one day i’m in a winter coat. the next day, i’m in a tank top!

    • HA! Well, me and decisions… I had to really think this over. See, I was allowed a free upgrade (new cell phone) last November. This was a BIG step for me, since I’ve had a Razr for more years than I can count.

      This weather is bizarre, and not just in California. End of the world, I’m telling you.

  2. Caryl

    So, getting some new things and new color. πŸ™‚

    I love Bill Cosby. He keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and yet he always has a moral to his talks. . He is very gifted and also full of life experiences. I’m glad you finally got to see him after waiting for 8 months!
    Love you,

    • Cosby was soooooo funny. He said the key to a long marriage is that you just keep coming home. Have to say, there’s some truth to that! hehe
      I guess the reason he delayed his performance was because he had some eye problems, or as he put it, “I’m old.” His timing on delivering his lines was impeccable and I just can’t say enough good things. πŸ™‚

  3. tony

    Thank goodness sweetie is happy with her new phone and faster computer and new computer, Yes. Love you cutie, NANANANANANA
    XXOXOXOXXO :mregreen:

  4. tony

    sorry here is the correct :mrgreen:

  5. grrrace

    yay! technology πŸ˜€

    can’t wait to see your new hair color today. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Technology is awesome, although a bit challenging to type (the word). πŸ™‚

      Pffft, you probably didn’t even notice my hair color, did you? hehe

  6. You should definately listen to me when it comes to all things computers. Next bit of sage advice, upgrade your Vista machine to Windows 7. It really is all that and you machine will run even faster.

    QWRTY keyboards rule on cell phones.

    You look pretty no matter what you hair color.

    Try Smore’s flavor of Goldfish (they’re not the normal crakers, they’re chocolate and vanilla graham crackers with marshmallow treats)

    Who needs dashes to separate thoughts?

    • How am I supposed to upgrade Vista to Windows 7?

      I β™₯ my QWERTY cell phone keyboard so much.

      You are good for my ego (re: hair color).

      How do YOU know the S’more’s goldfish are good? I thought you were watching your diet? πŸ˜›

      Re: dashes and need for them? Obviously, you don’t. hehe

    • Upgrade to Windows 7 buy purchasing the software and running it silly! It will take a good hour and a half if you do an in place upgrade or about 20 minutes if you wipe your machine clean and install it. But then you have to reinstall all of your applications, so it depends on which way you want to go. I’ve done both and it works well either way.

      Just because I watch what I eat doesn’t mean I don’t get a little treat now and then. I just eat a few instead of the whole bag. You have no idea how hard that is.

    • Uff, Windows 7? That sounds like a lot of effort. RAM upgrade was just a couple screws and *poof* that was it! But you know, I’ll revisit this in a couple years and be all, “WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO VINCE?? WHY??”

      hehe A little treat is better than no treat. Self control IS difficult when treats are so tasty. πŸ™‚

  7. How fun to see Bill Cosby in-person! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you were able to do that. Blessings, Debra

  8. Angi

    Bing Crosby? Really? For some reason I thought he was no longer with us. Seriously. My mom would love to see him.

    • Ummm, not Bing Crosby, Bill Cosby. You know, the creator of The Cosby Show and the guy who was in Jello commercials??

      You’re right, though, about Bing. He died in 1977.

  9. Cosby is a “master”! That’s the great thing about Show Business…Age doesn’t matter. People don’t retire unless they are really really ill…..And even then, some people keep on “Keeping On”…’s GREAT!

    Upgrade your Ram….FABULOUS! And a New Notebook, too…..CONGRATS, my dear!

    • Cosby was soooo funny! Really enjoyed his show and was so glad to see that he appeared to be doing well. A person starts to worry when a show gets canceled (the one we were supposed to see back in 09/2009), you know?

      I’m so happy with my new electronic investments. πŸ™‚