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Love & Loathe – 05/27/10


* Political mail. What a waste of paper, postage, man hours delivering it, space in my post office box and, ultimately, in the trash can and landfills. Worse yet, there’s no way to opt out of it. Registered to vote equals mandatory junk mail. EPIC FAIL to our politicians!

* Having an overwhelming day at work. One of my friends landed a job a few months ago, and worked so hard and well, she actually worked herself out of the job. Her advice to me was to be careful not to do that. I’m thinkin’ I need to stop working so quickly while at work, because I think they now think I’m superwoman. I need to correct their erroneous impression. Not by screwing up, but by letting them know I can’t do everything. Why do I feel like I’m letting myself down by admitting that?

* I need to sew some items. Sew, as in “darn some socks and fix some holes,” not sew as in “create something new from scratch and patterns.” Just to clarify. And this is not something I enjoy doing, thus it being on the “loathe” part of the list and also the procrastination list. And has been on these lists, although not listed, for a few weeks now. Ugh.

* Coupons that require you “buy 2” in order to use them. I don’t want to buy 2, I want to buy 1.


* The anticipation of a holiday weekend. We’re going to the local mountains and I cannot wait.

* How good Tug’s cat, Snug, is for him. The other day, Tug was all amped up about something, back and forth, to and fro, running in circles, meowing at me. It was getting on my nerves, so I pushed Snug into him. Tug started grooming Snug, and pretty soon, he was all calmed down. Exactly why Tug has his own cat.

* My favorite instructor was teaching tonight’s aqua class. I guess her mom died and that’s why she’s been away for three weeks. *sniffle*

* Finding a pair of $89 slacks that fit like they were tailored just for me, and only for $11.99. Sweet.

* Turkish Delight. I’ve read about them for years in novels. I found some in a store a couple weeks ago and all I can say is, “Yum!”

* Milk. I cannot tell you just how very much I love milk. I am grateful every single day that I discovered I can drink raw milk and that it’s still available for purchase in California.

One Last Thing:

So, apparently, when a person registers for social security, social security in turn provides your name and mailing address to all the old fart mailing lists? Industries like AARP, places that sell support hose, and companies that are concerned for your bowel health?

All of those sentences end in question marks because my mom registered with the social security (an unsuccessful adventure and a story that would take far too long to tell here) and all of a sudden my mailbox overfloweth with old fart mail. Trust me when I tell you that my mom is the least old fartish person I know, and I know without asking that she did not request to be put on those mailing lists.

One such gem I threw away, but the headline caught my eye and caused me to retrieve it and take pictures. What was the headline you ask? Oh, let me share.

It gets better…

Rather not. Thanks.

Cool. A vitamin called “Smooth Moves.”

I guess it would stand to reason, if your poop is healthy, so are you. Really don’t want to think about 120 year old poop.

A quiz! About colon cleanliness!

Right, because we have 35 feet of intestines inside of us, and our pets have less than that, I think. Scared to Google that one, but you go right ahead.

Ummm, ick?

And, final words to live by:

With that, I say carry on. Or poop on. Or… just have a great Memorial weekend. What are YOU doing this weekend, besides pooping?


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